GSA Approved Products



Our status as a GSA approved vendor makes it easy to purchase our Fire Safety Training Tools directly from the Authorized Federal Supply Schedule provided by the General Services Administration (GSA). GSA has streamlined the purchasing process for federal employees. Contact us for more information or purchase online directly at GSA Advantage!


We currently have the following products listed, under Contract # GS-02F-0020T:

320x242-bullseye-public-education-9BullsEye™ Laser-Driven Fire Extinguisher System

Take your fire prevention program directly to the public. BullsEye allows you to conduct fire extinguisher training in any indoor location where emergencies may really occur. BullsEye uses a conical laser to replicate extinguisher discharge, rather than depending on a dry-chemical or CO2 extinguisher, making it a cleaner and safer way to train.


I.T.S. Xtreme™  Live-Fire Extinguisher Training System

Train your entire community on the proper use of fire extinguishers using the I.T.S. Xtreme Live-Fire Extinguisher Training System. The I.T.S. Xtreme is prop-enabled, allowing trainees to experience the flame behavior of everyday items. The Trashcan, Stove-Top, Paint Locker and Electric Motor Props provide countless training scenarios.

Intelligent Training System™

With  I.T.S.’s unique flame-response technology, extinguisher training is easier and safer than ever. The system detects the trainee’s aiming and sweeping motion and automatically varies the flame in response, providing a realistic training experience. Because the training extinguishers use readily available air and water, multiple trainees can safely train in a single session.

Smoke Generator 4000

BullEx Smoke Generators use smart controls to continuously produce the best smoke possible for firefighter training. Built on steel chassis with all metal structural components, these smoke generators are built to handle the toughest training demands.  No matter how long or intense your session is, BullEx Smoke Generators don’t stop until your training is done.

Smoke Generator 6000

The BullEx Smoke Generator 6000 is a heavy-duty, high-volume Smoke Generator designed for the most demanding training scenarios. Dual heaters and a specialized heat exchanger ensure efficient smoke production on a large-scale. With integrated handles and built-in wheels the SG6000 can easily be repositioned in between evolutions.

BullEx Smart Dummy Rescue ManikinSmartDummy Rescue Manikin

The SmartDummy Rescue Manikin is the key to staging effective victim-involved rescue scenarios. In addition to heavy-duty abrasion resistant material, SmartDummy features an interactive Voice Box.  Instructors can record custom messages for continuous or sound activated playback, adding realism to your training. Choose from 55lb or 110lb.

•	Extrication SmartDummy Rescue Manikin  Extrication SmartDummy Rescue Manikin

Because its unique design and construction features removable limbs, the Extrication SmartDummy allows you to simulate a variety of serious bodily injuries including a severed arm or leg, or torso impalement. It conforms like the human body for a variety of realistic victim removal training scenarios. Choose from 55lb or 110lb.

Fire Safety Trailer

Mobilize your community education and fire prevention program with a BullEx Fire Safety Trailer. People of every age will benefit from the many hands-on lifesaving lessons the trailer provides. Trailers are available with any combination of the realistic kitchen fire scenario, bedroom scenario, industrial emergency scenario, and severe weather package.


GasTrainer™ HazMat Training Tools

Provide your trainees with hands-on experience with a four-gas meter, without the dangers of an actual hazard. With the GasTrainer system, employees can learn how different gases behave, how to locate emission sources, what level of each gas is dangerous and how to establish safety perimeters in the event of a hazardous situation.

Vehicle Fire Training Prop

Vehicle Fire Training Prop

Incorporate intense flames, real heat, and smart controls into your training with the heavy-duty Vehicle Fire Training Prop. The instructor’s controller provides full command of each evolution and allows instructors to create passenger compartment, engine, wheel-well and trunk fires that start and stop at the push of a button.