About Us



BullEx  is an innovative technology company devoted to utilizing smart technology to develop life-saving products. Our mission is to apply cutting-edge technology to improve the life-safety conditions of the global workforce. Our goal is to grow consistently, utilizing profits from existing products to support and advance current solutions while drawing from experience and research to develop a suite of revolutionary safety products.



BullEx was formed by engineers with extensive experience in occupational safety and the fire service. Tired of utilizing antiquated methods of fire extinguisher and safety training, we were convinced there was a more efficient and effective way. We spent three years developing our signature advanced technology before launching our Smart Fire Extinguisher Training System. Through working directly with our customers and continually investing in R&D, we are proud to now be the world’s largest provider of fire and safety training tools.

Since the inception of BullEx and our first product launch, we have continuously collaborated with thousands of fire and safety professionals to research and develop new training systems. We are deeply committed to utilizing smart technology in product design and implementation. This passion has led us to develop the world’s most advanced fire safety and emergency training products.

BullEx fire extinguisher training systems have become the industry standard and have been used by thousands of organizations to train millions of people how to properly use a fire extinguisher. We now offer a total solutions product line for firefighter training, fire brigade training, fire prevention public education and corporate safety training.

For us, joining the LION organization was a natural fit. Our companies all share a culture of innovation and a commitment to enhancing first responder readiness. As part of the LION organization we have become the world’s largest provider of fire and safety training tools and full-scale, multidisciplinary firefighter training complexes. We offer the most complete array of highly differentiated products and services to ensure that first responders are truly ready for action.

At BullEx, our primary driver is the passion our customers have for the critical roles they play in keeping citizens, workers, and firefighters safe through good training. We share this passion and have made it our mission to provide the best training tools possible to help our clients achieve their training goals.

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