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Heavy-Duty Smoke Generators Produce High Quality Smoke For Continuous Training

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BullEx Smoke Generators create the most realistic fire training scenarios by generating the thickest, densest smoke to recreate the actual experiences a firefighter will face. Whether you are conducting search and rescue training, ventilation operations or initial fire attack drills, BullEx Smoke Generators don’t stop until your training is done.

BullEx Smoke Generators use smart controls to continuously produce the best smoke possible for firefighter training. Built on steel chassis with all metal structural components, these smoke generators are built to handle the toughest training demands. No matter how long or intense your session is, BullEx Smoke Generators don’t stop until your training is done.

Smoke Generator 4000
With built-in handles, steel chassis and rubberized feet, the Smoke Generator 4000 is portable enough to be easily moved, but tough enough to handle the demands of firefighter training. Smart controls and an integrated smoke liquid tank enable the SG4000 to produce smoke continuously for hours.

Smoke Generator 6000
The BullEx Smoke Generator 6000 is a heavy-duty, high-volume Smoke Generator designed for the most demanding training scenarios. Dual heaters and a specialized heat exchanger ensure efficient smoke production on a large-scale. With integrated handles and built-in wheels the SG6000 can easily be repositioned in between evolutions.



Consistent and continuous smoke generation
Produces constant flow of high quality training smoke with no recharging or reheating necessary

Durable and rugged
Built on a steel chassis with all metal structural components

Easily moved to various areas of any facility where training is being conducted

Dense smoke
Our specially-formulated BullEx Smoke Liquid efficiently produces dense, thick smoke with extended hang time

No smoke residue
Consistent temperatures keep the smoke from becoming “wet” and producing a residue

Wireless operation
Control the output and duration of smoke from a distance away from the evacuation area or for use in an HVAC system with the optional wireless control



Ventilation Training
Continuous high-density smoke, equal in quantity to smoke produced by a structure fire, allows every member of your department hands-on practice with hydraulic, PPV, horizontal and vertical ventilation

Search & Rescue Training
Create a variety of smoke settings from low to zero visibility to find victims during search and rescue or thermal imaging drills. Incorporate a BullEx SmartDummy rescue manikin into the evolution and create a realistic sense of urgency as the SmartDummy calls out for help

Large Area Search Training
Saturate a training environment with high density smoke in the time it takes your firefighters to don their gear

Mask Confidence Training
Train firefighters in zero visibility conditions to test their awareness and confidence of the PPE gear

FAST/RIT Combat Training
Train firefighters to locate and retrieve downed firefighters in a realistic scenario involving smoke


High Quality Training Smoke There are two major factors that affect training smoke quality: temperature and particle size. The uniform temperature inside the heating core ensures that the smoke fluid is vaporized into pure smoke. Temperatures that are too high result in burnt particles and temperatures that are too low result in a “wet” smoke that leaves a residue. Particle size is what determines the density and “hang time” of smoke. The more uniform the particle size, the longer the training smoke will last before dissipating. SMOKEGEN


Traditional Smoke Machines All smoke machines create smoke by pumping smoke liquid through heaters. As heat energy is transferred from the heaters to the smoke liquid, the heaters inevitably cool down. Once below a certain temperature smoke can no longer be generated, which is why smoke machines not designed for fire training need time to reheat and recharge between discharges. To extend operating time, these smoke machines often start at a higher-than optimal temperature, resulting in burnt particles. As smoke is generated, the heater temperature falls through the optimal range to below optimal resulting in “wet” smoke that leaves a residue. The smoke liquid is then cut off to give the heaters time to recover. SMOKE GENERATOR BullEx Smoke Generators BullEx Smoke Generators are different. Instead of a constant flow of smoke liquid and a wide range of heater temperatures, BullEx Smoke Generators control the amount of liquid delivered to the heaters to precisely balance the heat transfer, ensuring a constant temperature and a constant supply of high quality smoke. This balance is achieved through advanced sensors and controls utilized by BullEx Smoke Generators. This technology not only provides a continuous supply of smoke, but also ensures the highest quality smoke possible with minimal burnt or un-vaporized particles. SMOKEGEN3


Smoke Liquid (available in 5, 10 and 20 liter and 50 gallon containers)
Developed to efficiently produce dense, thick smoke with an extended hang-time. This is accomplished by optimizing the formulation of the Smoke Liquid specifically for use in BullEx Smoke Generators.

Wireless Remote Control
Add the wireless remote control to operate either Smoke Generator from a distance.

Wired Remote
The remote control will operate the Smoke Generator 4000 from a distance.

Cleaning Solution, 1 Liter
Maintain optimal performance of your BullEx Smoke Generator with this Cleaning Solution.

Flexible Smoke Duct Set
Duct smoke to specific areas with the flexible smoke duct.

SG4000 Transport Case
Featuring high quality Pelican Storm construction, this rugged case will protect your Smoke Generator 4000 with hard sides and a custom foam insert. Actual dimensions: 24.6″ x 19.7″ x 14.4″



SmartDummy™ Rescue Manikins
Modular Training Props
GasTrainer™ HazMat Training Tools
Training Structures and Centers

Atlanta Fire Rescue Captain Carlos Barham, Captain, Fire Recruit Training

The BullEx SG4000 is spectacular. Training with this smoke generator has exceeded my expectations
We have used the SG4000 multiple times for fire recruit training. An important part of our recruit training is our survival skills week.

This is usually their first time in a realistic IDLH environment. We want them to be challenged, but because they are so new it is important that we keep them in a safe environment while learning basic skills.

The SG4000 allows us to conduct search and rescue training and make it so realistic that the recruits can’t even see their hands in front of their faces. We stress never to take your mask off during training. However, if the trainee does, the training smoke isn’t harmful to them.

Prior to purchasing the SG4000, our only method of adding smoke to our training was to burn wet bales of hay. That smoke is damaging to lungs and can cause respiratory illness and stress. Now, we expose them to the SG4000 smoke first, and use this smoke later on when the recruits are more experienced.

The SG4000 allows us to properly train our recruits to save lives and fight fire while keeping them safe. Our goal is to conduct safe training that is also realistic, and BullEx has helped us meet this goal.

We have a number of BullEx products that we use in a wide variety of training situations. Once again, BullEx has come through and delivered a great product with the SG4000. We look forward to working with BullEx in the future for our training needs.



Apollo Career Center Doug Corwin, Public Safety Fire/EMS Coordinator

In January of 2014, Apollo Career Center took delivery of a BullEx SG4000. Before that, we had used 3 other smoke machines, but had issues with frequent clogging and diminishing smoke production. When the SG4000 arrived, we immediately took it to our training tower and set it up. After it had warmed up, we turned it on and within 5 minutes we had almost zero visibility. This was on a sunny day with the lights on. Within 20 minutes, we had most of our three story training tower filled with smoke.

We have used it consistently for the last year and a half and it has far exceeded our expectations. It has worked flawlessly without clogging or a decrease in performance.

I have highly recommended the SG4000 to other program directors and will continue to do so. Thanks for making such a great product.



Longwood Fire Company Brian McCarthy, Lieutenant

I won’t lie, when I took the BullEx Smoke Generator out of the box, I was pretty skeptical. My Captain was with me when I opened it. He told me that a neighboring company had to use three of another brand’s smoke machines to fill a ranch style house structure that was twice the size of ours. I didn’t think a machine so small would be able to smoke out an entire floor of a house to the point that visibility would be zero. I immediately asked myself why I didn’t push the Chief to go with the bigger machine.

We recently acquired three structures to use for training. This past Tuesday night was the first chance we had to use our new machine. The Chief and I went over to the training house and started setting things up. He went back to the firehouse to get a fire truck and I ran out to get more supplies and a quick dinner. Training starts at 1900 hours, it was already 1835 hours and I still had stuff to do. Having used smoke machines in the past, I knew there was absolutely no way I’d have enough time to smoke out the whole second floor of the house we were using. The second floor of this house had three 18 x 20 bedrooms, four closets and a bathroom. The floor from front to back was about 60 feet so we’re talking a huge second floor. I figured if I got at least one room to fill up with smoke, I could make it work.

I came back 15 minutes later and to my surprise, my Chief had already started the smoke machine. I could tell because it was pushing out of the walls on the first floor where the front door used to be. I opened the door to the second floor and was incredibly surprised- the whole floor was zero visibility. I had to feel my way around the floor to figure out where I was going because it was so thick. We ran a box alarm drill and every single guy in the scenario commented on how well the machine worked. I only put one liter of smoke in and it ran out before the end of the first scenario. I filled up the tank for the second scenario and let it run. Again, everyone commented on how amazingly well the machine worked. The entire floor was smoked out, wall to wall, floor to ceiling. It took about 15 minutes to go from clear rooms to zero visibility. The company used the training houses again on Thursday and I still have guys telling me how well the machine worked.

To say that I was impressed would be a huge understatement. I can’t believe a machine that small is able to produce that much smoke in such a short period of time, not to mention how consistently the smoke stays throughout the drill. Every one of the officers is more than pleased with the machine (you know how hard it is to make everyone happy) and the training opportunities we will get from this machine are countless. I can’t thank you enough for your assistance in making this purchase. BullEx has outdone their competitors in the smoke machine market by far!



Oakland Fire Department Gerald “Sarge” Stein, ARFF Training Instructor

I want to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to BullEx for producing such an excellent product!

This January, I was in the process of planning a 40 Hour Cal State Fire Control 5 ARFF Basics class. The class requires students to perform a live rescue drill inside our donated Federal Express Boeing 727 Training Aircraft. In the past we have borrowed a smoke generator from another agency because we did not have one of our own.

Last year, The Alameda Fire Department let us borrow their BullEx Smoke Generator for our drill. I was so impressed with the product that I decided to order one for our department.

After researching various other smoke generators, I found that BullEx’s had the best features, options and price available. I like the SG6000 Smoke Generator because of the simple control features and because it features wheels. This makes it easier for one person to move it around the training site.

When we conducted the drill this past week the SG6000 produced great volumes of non-toxic, cloudy smoke and blinding conditions. The fuselage filled with smoke so fast that we were able to perform back to back drills.

This June we are going to have our FAA mandated FAR Part 139 Tri-Annual Disaster Drill. There will be observers from various Fire Department organizations on hand while we perform a large scale Aircraft disaster drill with a hundred or so volunteer victims. Our new BullEx SG6000 will add to the realism of the drill and demonstrate the product’s capability to quickly create smoky conditions.

I want to thank BullEx for their professionalism and competency in meeting our needs. I look forward to working with BullEx for my Department’s training equipment in the future.


Englewood Area Fire Control District Scott Lane, Assistant Chief

I wanted to provide you a few comments on the BullEx SG6000 Smoke Generator that we recently purchased. We have had the opportunity to use the generator several times and it has surpassed all expectations on performance and versatility. Unlike other units we looked at, the BullEx SG6000 produces a thick dense cloud throughout our four- story drill tower. One of the best features is its ability to constantly produce smoke without shutting off. The smoke it produces is realistic and provides superb training for our firefighters.

Our firefighters have praised the performance of the BullEx SG6000 and the conditions it produces. The BullEx SG6000 was well worth our investment and we are looking forward to a continued relationship with BullEx.


West Sacramento Fire Department John Heilmann, Division Chief

The City of West Sacramento Fire Department Training Division recently purchased the BullEx Smoke Generator 4000. Our fire department was amazed at the amount of smoke produced from the machine. Our department has incorporated the use of the generator into our regularly scheduled training program.

Training that has been enhanced by the use of the generator include; simulated high-rise operations, search and rescue evolutions, firefighter survival and rescue techniques, vent enter search scenarios, and big box/warehouse fire training. One BullEx 4000 generator was powerful enough to smoke up a 60,000 square foot concrete tilt up structure in a timely manner.

The smoke generator has made it possible to provide impromptu training utilizing smoky conditions at a moment’s notice. Our Department has utilized the generator extensively for the past eight months and has experienced no operating or maintenance problems.

As the Training Chief for the West Sacramento Fire Department I would recommend the BullEx Smoke Generator 4000 to enhance any training program.


Addison County Firefighters Association Ryan Emilio, Lieutenant

WOW! I would like to start by saying the BullEx Smoke Generator 4000 is like no other smoke generator.  I was completely sold on this product after the first five minutes of use!

The quantity and quality of the smoke produced more than justified the cost of purchasing the unit.

My Department has used the traditional style smoke generator for years.  It seemed to work most of the time but it always took a long time to smoke a house and even longer to clean the unit.  The first time we used the BullEx Smoke Generator 4000, I arrived at the training house an hour early to be sure that we would be able to smoke the entire four bedroom house before the other firefighters arrived.  After five minutes of run time the entire first floor was full of smoke with zero visibility!  I then used the BullEx Smoke Generator’s time delayed function for the rest of the three hour training.  I set the unit to run for 20 seconds every minute.  This setting maintained zero visibility in the house for the entire training.  This also helped to conserve the amount of smoke liquid we used.

The bottom line is that this is the best smoke generator money can buy!  If you are looking to recreate a real fire situation and offer the best level of training to your department, the BullEx Smoke Generator is a must.  Not to mention there is no cleaning of this unit.  Let it cool down and put it away.  Thank you, BullEx, for this product.  It has enabled our department and all of our county’s fire departments to offer a more realistic training for our firefighters.


Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson Fire Emergency Services Gregory E. Russell, Chief, Fire Department Training

Since our initial purchase of the BullEx Smoke Generator 4000 last year, our training evolutions have become much more realistic with the dense, clean smoke produced by the smoke generator. Our Firefighters have mentioned the realism provided by entering smoke filled structures and even by being able to read a smoke plume during aircraft crash exercises with the smoke rising in a dense cloud while still providing ground cover concealing aircraft parts and pieces.

The BullEx Smoke Generator 4000 continues to produce high quality training smoke with no interruption in output. This is a great change to our previous models which required a reheating time and produced limited “wet smoke” which took away the realism of the training evolution and resulted in large clean up areas at the end of the training sessions due to slick surfaces from contact with the wet smoke. Now we are able to fill our 3-story burn tower in under 7 minutes with no clean up required as the smoke is dense, dry and continuous.

I brag about the Smoke Generator 4000 so much our firefighters have told me I have a crush on the machine! This is actually true, after 26 years in the fire service and 10 years working in the training division; this is the best smoke machine I have ever encountered. Our department looks forward to purchasing a second Smoke Generator 4000 this year and seeing our capabilities expand, especially during outdoor training evolutions.

I would like to thank you and your BullEx team for listening to fire fighters and making a smoke machine that increases realism and is very dependable and cost efficient to operate. I look forward to working with you and BullEx in the future.