Sound, Smoke, and Digital Flames Make These Fire Education Tools a Smart Idea

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Customize your training to the needs of your community by choosing from our SmartProp™ selection.

Drive home the importance of fire prevention and fire safety in your community year-round with BullEx SmartProps. These realistic tools can be added to a BullEx Fire Safety Trailer, your current training trailer, or can stand alone in your firehouse. Our engineers can outfit props to operate in any situation, and can be added to your training at any time.

Train adults with simulated fire situations that are intense and realistic yet completely safe. Teach children what to do in case of fire in their home. Instruct employees how to respond to various industrial emergencies. People of every age will benefit from lifesaving lessons learned in realistic emergency settings using the BullEx line of SmartProps. From in-station public education training to training at schools, businesses, and community events, the opportunities are endless.

First appearing as normal household items, BullEx SmartProps can erupt in “flames” at the push of a button, challenging your trainees to react and respond by calling 9-1-1, evacuating or attempting to extinguish the fire with a laser-driven training extinguisher which communicate in real time with each SmartProp to extinguish the simulated fire. Each SmartProp features integrated digital flames, training smoke and sound effects that respond directly to the trainee’s actions for realistic fire prevention training.



The entire line of BullEx SmartProps utilizes a patented technology, enabling trainees to simulate and extinguish an incipient stage fire in a realistic, yet safe environment.  Props can be packaged together or purchased separately depending on your community’s needs.  Additional props can be added at any time to escalate the intensity of your hands-on training scenarios.


SmartStove™ SmartProp
At first glance, the SmartStove appears to be an ordinary kitchen stove, but when the instructor presses the “start” button on the wireless controller, a smoldering oven fire ignites. After calling 9-1-1, the trainee uses the BullsEye laser-driven extinguisher to knock down the flames by using the proper P.A.S.S. method.  If the trainee does it correctly, the fire on the stove top and optional upper cabinets is extinguished and the trainee can then turn off the gas burner. If all flames are extinguished, the trainee can turn off the oven to smother the fire inside. If the trainee mistakenly opens the oven door, the flames immediately spread to the stove-top.

Throughout this scenario, overhead heaters, dense smoke, digital flames and sound effects combine to recreate the stress of an actual fire. Patented technology ensures the flames are knocked down only if the trainee aims and sweeps properly at the base of the fire. The flames, smoke and sound effects respond directly to the trainees’ actions and each element is fully interactive.


Trash Can Prop
The Trash Can SmartProp erupts with smoke and digital flames when the instructor presses the start button or can be ignited from a nearby fully involved SmartStove. Trainees must aim and sweep properly to knock down the fire and keep it from rekindling. The flames, smoke and sound effects respond directly to the trainee’s actions for realistic, hands-on training.


Parts Washer SmartProp
The Parts Washer SmartProp ignites, creating a smoky, simulated Class B fire. The trainee must react quickly to put out the fire, aiming and sweeping properly with the laser-driven training extinguisher. Integrated digital flames, smoke and sound effects combine to create a realistic industrial training.


FumeHood Prop
The FumeHood SmartProp simulates a working chemical hood fire that ignites as a result of a chemical reaction or spill.  Smoke intensifies the emergency, testing the trainee to take the proper steps to extinguish the fire while accounting for the dangerous chemicals inside the hood.



Built on the same patented technology that drives the BullsEye™ digital fire extinguisher training system, the SmartProps use digital flame generation and sensor technology to demonstrate proper fire extinguishment techniques to trainees.

The SmartProps use hundreds of LEDs and an on-board control system to dynamically generate digital flames. Depending on the class of fire and level of difficulty selected by the instructor, the flames will grow, diminish and respond as the trainee attempts to extinguish the simulated fire. SmartProps can sense the location of the trainee, if the trainee has properly aimed the training extinguisher and if the trainee is properly sweeping the nozzle of the extinguisher. SmartProps are designed to function as stand-alone fire training tools, or can interact with other props to show the progression of fire. Smoke from an integrated BullEx Smoke Generator and sounds effects intensify the realism of each scenario.



Fire Safety Trailers
BullsEye Laser Extinguishers

ROANOKE FIRE-EMS Tiffany Bradbury, Fire Prevention Specialist

Roanoke Fire-EMS is committed to the safety of the citizens and visitors to the City of Roanoke. We had a fire safety public education program in place but it was missing something. We did not have the tool to teach people how to exit their homes safely in the event of a fire. In September of 2010 all of that changed when Roanoke Fire-EMS took delivery of the BullEx Fire Safety Trailer.

Our Department did a lot of research before the purchase of a fire safety trailer. BullEx was the winner hands down among their competitors. The customer service we have received from BullEx has been exceptional! When we “debuted” our trailer for our community during Fire Prevention Week, BullEx sent a representative to our event to make sure that everything was running smoothly. Many companies do not exhibit this type of exemplary service any more. I was truly impressed.

The Fire Safety Trailer has proven to be a key component of our public education programs. We visit schools and local events with our traveling safety house! Everyone that visits the trailer is amazed how realistic the fire and smoke simulations are. Adults love the fire extinguisher training in the kitchen and the children are learning so much about what to do if they woke up to their smoke detector sounding. I know that countless lives may be saved because of the use of this trailer.

Our Department has also utilized the severe weather package on the trailer. This is truly an amazing component. With changing weather in Southwest Virginia, we are able to show our community how to stay safe should a tornado or severe storm happen in our community.

We have had several other departments in neighboring communities come by to see our trailer. They too have been very impressed. We are truly grateful to BullEx for all of your assistance with our trailer and for making such a fine, quality product.