Simulate realistic, repeatable, and controllable exercises by incorporating fire training props into modified mining shafts

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Firefighters and first responders in the mining industry face unique challenges when preparing to face fire risks including confined spaces and a focus on ventilation. Make your training as realistic as possible by incorporating BullEx fire training props into a modified mining shaft or other training location. Or, design a custom prop to fit your mine’s specific objectives.

Some of our past projects include a mine electrical transformer fire simulator, conveyor belt fire simulator, and personnel transport vehicle fire simulator. However, any prop an instructor can imagine is possible.

All of our mining props include multiple burn zones and an integrated high output smoke generator.  They are designed to allow for realistic, repeatable, and controllable fire and smoke response.  Many of the units are designed to be mobile, allowing evolutions to take place within the training tunnel or in another training location.

A control console is placed outside the tunnel entrance, and the system can also be controlled via an industrial grade hand-held remote. The instructor can start and stop the fire simulator, control smoke effects, control multiple burn zones independently, and initiate an emergency shut-down if required. Safety systems include gas detection systems, temperature monitoring systems, emergency stop systems and audio visual alarms.



    • Electrical transformer Fire Training
    • Conveyor Belt Fire Training
    • Man trip Fire Training


At BullEx, we can incorporate a range of fire technologies into our large-scale custom training tools. Mining fire response training is compatible with both gas-based and digital fire technology. Both of these technologies feature intelligent controls which make fires repeatable to decrease downtime and increase training time. Expose trainees to realistic situations and repeatable evolutions. Every system includes built in safety features to keep your trainees safe and provide ample teaching opportunities.



300x226-rounded-corner-gray-stroke-fire-technology-digital-6BullEx Digital fire technology provides comprehensive hands-on training using realistic, self-generating digital flames that respond directly to the trainees’ actions. Digital fire technology is tough enough to be used with anything in your firefighting arsenal, including a hose line. Digital fire technology is ideal in mining locations where live-fire isn’t permitted or possible, and allows firefighters to train in any location. Challenge your trainees to fight digital flames for realistic, intense hands-on training.


300x226-rounded-corner-gray-stroke-gas-based-1Gas-based fire technology is an integral element in BullEx training systems and centers. Propane and natural gas fires allow us to use real heat and smoke to accurately simulate any mining fire behavior.


Our Training Structures and Centers product line includes portable stand-alone fire props and larger mobile trailers, semi-trailers and modified training containers. In most cases, mining fire training is accomplished using our fixed or mobile large-scale fire training props. BullEx also has extensive experience in the development of full-scale fixed training facilities, which can include mining fire training props as part of their design.



300x226-rounded-corner-advanced-props-burn-tray-flamesBullEx Fire Training Props are stand-alone gas-based units that can be positioned virtually anywhere around the training site. Fire Training Props can be transported to multiple locations or built into a fixed installation at your training location. Our engineers can work with you to design a custom prop to meet your specific training objective.