provide simulated marine firefighting challenges for both evacuation and large scale fire scenarios

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Marine fires are extremely difficult to handle because of the complexity of a ship’s layout and how difficult it can be to access the seat of fire as a result. BullEx has experience in designing and developing diverse Marine Fire Training Systems to properly prepare your firefighters for the dangers they may face at sea.

Within the field of marine firefighting, it is important to provide training challenges for both evacuation and large-scale firefighting. BullEx can produce simulated marine environments within a training structure, or produce actual marine vessels modified for fire training scenarios. Shipboard firefighting simulation can take place in a container, fixed facility or using a stand-alone prop.

BullEx can configure your structure of choice to simulate the confined space and intricate layout of a real ship, including authentic looking hallways, ship doors and bulkheads. Use the central command system to direct firefighters to the seat of the fire. Stop and start evolutions with the push of a button for highly repeatable demonstrations and minimized downtime. Smoke generators and sound effects add to the realism of the situation.

When every second counts, are your trainees prepared to act?

Our Damage Control Simulator is the ideal environment for marine training teams to put their skills to the test. Can they really repair ship damage in an emergency situation?


For your marine fire trainer, choose between gas-based and digital technology. Both offer realistic, repeatable evolutions for firefighters in a safe and controlled environment. Our projects all feature intelligent controls which make fires repeatable to decrease downtime and increase training time. Every system includes built in safety features to keep your trainees safe and provide ample teaching opportunities.


300x226-rounded-corner-attack-digital-system-linked-panelsDIGITAL FIRE TECHNOLOGY

BullEx Digital fire technology provides comprehensive hands-on training using realistic, self-generating digital flames that respond directly to the trainees’ actions. Digital fire technology is tough enough to be used with anything in your firefighting arsenal, including a hose line. Digital fire technology can be built into any marine training environment and is especially useful in training locations where using live-fire is impractical or not permitted.


Gas-based fire technology is an integral element in BullEx projects. Propane and natural gas fires allow you to use real heat and smoke to accurately simulate nearly any fire behavior. Choose gas-based fire technology to create realistic and repeatable marine fire training drills.



Organizations with a need for marine training solutions can utilize a wide range of construction types, from making marine fire training a part of a larger training complex to using a mobile fire training prop. BullEx has experience with a wide range of marine training simulators, enabling us to consult with you every step of the way from concept to planning to construction.



BullEx is the world leader in designing, engineering and building large scale multi-disciplinary training complexes. Many of our large-scale training complexes include some form of marine training environment. This can range from a small ship to a large scale cargo vessel. This is especially important for training complexes that expect to train firefighters near coastal waters.


BullEx Training Containers and Roll-offs are a great solution for departments with large-scale training needs and limited space. Using containers to replicate a marine vessel is a great way to create a realistic training environment that can be completely customized to your training objectives.

300x226-rounded-corner-gray-stroke-marine-firefighters-exteriorFIRE TRAINING PROPS

BullEx Fire Training Props are stand-alone gas-based units that can be positioned virtually anywhere around your training site. Fire Training Props can be transported to multiple locations or built into a fixed installation. Marine fire training props can include engine, switchboard, control cabinet, bunk and kitchen fire props.