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Live-Fire Extinguisher Training Made Safe, Clean, and Effective

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For a realistic workplace fire extinguisher training session, the BullEx I.T.S. ™ Live-Fire Extinguisher Training System is an ideal solution for your safety program. Designed with a patented flame-response technology that detects a trainee’s technique, the system can automatically vary its flames in response, providing a realistic training experience.

The system uses readily available air and water instead of costly dry chemical or CO2, meaning multiple employees can safely train in a single day in a clean and cost-effective manner. The I.T.S. system is a simpler, safer way to provide live fire extinguisher training in your facility.

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For tips on conducting fire extinguisher training, view a PDF of our best practices.



Training Made Easy
The I.T.S. comes complete with everything you need for fire extinguisher training.  The field rechargeable air/water SmartExtinguisher® eliminates extinguisher recharge costs and the need to clean up dry-chemical after a training session.

Effective Training
Extremely low operating costs mean you can train as many individuals as you would like. Select class A, B or C fires at four different difficulty levels or instantly re-ignite the flames using the flare up button to challenge trainees. With the I.T.S. Systems’ scoring capability, you can now quantify a trainee’s skill level.

Safe Training
An emergency-stop switch on the handheld controller and a motion sensor that shuts down the flames instantly if the system is bumped or knocked making BullEx live-fire training systems the safest live-fire simulators available.

Cost Effective
Because there is no longer a need to discharge and recharge costly dry-chemical or CO2 extinguishers, BullEx live-fire extinguisher training systems are often more cost effective than traditional live-fire training.


The Intelligent Training System utilizes patented sensor technology to detect how well a trainee uses the BullEx SmartExtinguisher. I.T.S. can sense if the properly aiming and sweeping back and forth across the base of the fire.

The four sensors on the I.T.S. unit detect the discharge of compressed air and water from the SmartExtinguisher. The onboard control system then varies the flames in response to the technique being used.

To successfully extinguish the fire, the trainee must aim and sweep the extinguisher across the base of the fire. If the trainee aims below or above the base, the flames will go down, but will not extinguish. If the trainee only aims at one side of the fire, that side will be extinguished while the other side continues to grow.

The SmartExtinguisher discharges compressed air and water, eliminating the need to discharge and recharge costly dry chemical or CO2 extinguishers resulting in a substantial cost savings.  Because there is no limit to how many times the training extinguishers can be charged in the field, hundreds of trainees can be trained in a single day.

A trainer’s handheld controller selects the class of fire to demonstrate (A, B, or C) as well as one of four difficulty levels.  Once set, the instructor presses and holds the ignition button and then it’s up to the trainee to actually extinguish the flames.  The fire goes out when the trainee uses the proper sweeping technique.  If the trainee is unsuccessful, the fire can be extinguished by releasing the ignition button.

The flare up button can be used to instantly reignite the flames at any point, to further challenge trainees.  The display on the controller shows the status of the system and how long the trainee took to put out the fire, or if the fire has even been extinguished.  Safety features include an emergency shut off switch and tilt sensors that automatically shut-off the propane if the system is bumped or set-up improperly.



OSHA-required annual training
Train to meet the needs of OSHA which requires that employees be educated in the use of fire extinguishers every year. Specifically, OSHA 29 CFR 1910.157(g) states:

“Where the employer has provided portable fire extinguishers for employee use in the workplace, the employer shall also provide an educational program to familiarize employees with the general principles of fire extinguisher use and the hazards involved with incipient stage fire fighting.”


SmartExtinguisher Training Extinguishers
Available in 5x (five discharges) and 7x (seven discharges) sizes with pressure gauge and Schrader recharge value

ITS Transport case
Industrial grade, high impact plastic case can be used to quickly and easily transport ITS to and from various sites

Extinguisher Carrying Case
Foam-lined industrial grade carrying case for two extinguishers (any combination of 5 and 7x SmartExtinguishers)

Regulator Kit
Recharge a SmartExtinguisher from an SCBA tank (2216 or 4500 PSI) with this premium brass, high pressure regulator assembly which includes brass fittings and a high quality coiled air hose

Air Compressor
Six gallon air compressor with a maximum of 150 PSI, ships with premium air hose and brass fitting kit



I.T.S. Xtreme™  Fire Extinguisher Training System
BullsEye™ Laser-Driven Fire Extinguisher Training System
HotShot® Digital Fire Extinguisher Training System

Luxfer™ Gas Cylinders Gary Hall, Corporate Environmental, Health, Safety and Facilities Manager

I want to take this opportunity to tell you what a great piece of equipment the Intelligent Training System™ is and the fun I have had training our employees. It has met and exceeded my expectations in ease of operation and enjoyment of training employees.

To justify the purchase, I calculated that the cost of the Intelligent Training System would be recovered after training just two of our manufacturing divisions. Since receiving the equipment, I have trained approximately 220 employees at three manufacturing locations.

After the training with I.T.S. every employee felt much more comfortable with the knowledge that they could put out a fire in its incipient stages if they had to.

On the management side, they have changed from not wanting to do fire extinguisher training to looking forward to doing it again. I am serious when I tell you I could not be happier with both the equipment and customer service that I have received.


Proctor & Gamble

I am the Fire Protection Leader / Emergency Response Leader at Tambrands and also a Lieutenant with Oxford Fire and Rescue. Two years ago I purchased a Bullex Intelligent Training System to train plant Emergency Response Team personnel.

Last year one of the schools had a fire on a bus in the parking lot of the school. No one was hurt but the bus was a total loss. The Bus driver had never received training on fire extinguishers and did not feel safe using one so did not. I was asked by the Fire Chief if I could help him put on training for the school using the trainer. We trained Bus Drivers, Kitchen staff and Maintenance staff. At the end of the training they all felt more prepared and felt the real flames from the trainer was a big plus.

A few weeks later I was at work and on my radio I heard the fire department called for a bus fire. A few moments later dispatch notified them the fire was put out by the bus driver. I had to follow up on this; I spoke to the chief and it was in fact one of the drivers we had trained and there was little damage to the bus. Just goes to show a little training can make the difference and I have found the Bullex trainer to be great to do it: no mess, no environmental issues and the flames are real.

I recommend this trainer.  I have trained over 100 people with it and everyone liked the feeling of the real flames. I also like if you get someone that thinks they may not need the training, the difficulty level can be changed and they soon find training may not be a bad thing.


Muskingum Watershed Conservancy District Scott W. Tritt, Safety Coordinator

I wanted to take a moment to commend all the staff at BullEx Digital Safety on a fine product. Having been in the fire service for over 10 years and the safety profession for over 14, I have conducted my share of “dirty” fire extinguisher classes, but not any longer. I have never used such a clean and effective fire extinguisher training tool as the Intelligent Training System.

Training sessions have been very well received and the participants have greatly enjoyed using the system. The design and ease of setup has made it very easy to transport the training unit to all five of our park facilities allowing for more training sessions to be offered to fit the many different schedules.


Pechanga Resort and Casino Peter Avila, Associate Instructor

I would like to thank everyone at BullEx for designing the Intelligent Training System. This system has made my fire extinguisher training experience much safer for both the team members and myself here at Pechanga Resort and Casino.

In the past, I have done hundreds of live fire extinguisher trainings using a 55 gallon drum cut in half with a gasoline mixture and using an ABC fire extinguisher. Earlier this year, with the approval of my leadership, I began searching for a system that did not require the long task of setting up and cleaning up. In February I attended a Fire Expo in San Diego and BullEx was an eye catcher for using a real live simulation and real fire and the staff had great knowledge of their product and was proud of what it can do. After having a demonstration of the system we decided to purchase it and have no regrets in doing so.

Using the BullEx I.T.S. device has provided a safer method in performing fire extinguisher hands-on training, allowing the trainer to have full control of the fire. Another benefit is that the ability to set-up different types of fires has allowed us to train culinary team members in case of a grease fire. A most favorable feature your system offers is the easy set up and clean up time of 15 minutes – with many other features such as refillable extinguishers and carrying cases I can provide training just about anywhere.

Since our purchase in February, I have used the system to train 1,100 team members in a short period of time which would have normally taken the entire year to do. Positive feedback has been received from team members trained on how realistic the fire is portrayed and most importantly, they feel confident if the need to use a fire extinguisher arises. I truly would like to thank all those involved in the development of the BullEx I.T.S. system.


B.A.S.S. Safety Mark Croasmun, VP Operations

B.A.S.S. Safety is a safety services company that provides training to employees of oil and gas, environmental, construction, utility and fabrication companies.

For years, we used a diesel burn pan with powdered fire extinguishers. We decided to purchase the BullEx Intelligent Training System to better train our customers. We had a customer that split the fire extinguisher training between us and another company that uses a burn pan and powdered extinguishers. The areas where the burn pan was used, the neighbors complained about the smoke and the residue left by the powder.  Extinguishing powder covered the homes in the area, which our customer had to clean up at an additional cost.

The areas where the BullEx system was used had no complaints or mess to clean up after the training. The customer now has our company doing all of their fire extinguisher training.

Hoffman Construction

I work as a Safety Manager for Hoffman Construction, and our employees are often building and working with combustible materials. It is therefore important that employees be trained in using a fire extinguisher so that devastating accidents may be prevented. Before discovering BullEx™ our company was unable to provide hands-on fire extinguisher training for employees. The cost of renting and recharging dry chemical extinguishers was too expensive for all 200 trainees and the clean up was extensive. Therefore, our employees were only trained in knowledge of using a fire extinguisher, but never had hands on practice with discharging an extinguisher and putting out a fire. This type of training did not ensure that a trainee would actually be able to use an extinguisher in an emergency. Not only does the BullEx system offer the opportunity for hands on training, but the training is applicable to what an employee could potentially face in a real fire. The system allows the instructor to set the system at different levels and classes of fire, permitting employees to practice with class A, B, and C fires.

BullEx offered more advanced and sophisticated systems than many other options I investigated. Its Intelligent Training System™ (I.T.S.) allows both the trainer and the trainee control over a live fire. The sensors on the system detect where the trainee is aiming and sweeping the extinguisher, thus changing the flame accordingly. The instructor can also control when and what type of fire is lit, and can immediately extinguish the flame should any safety hazard arise. Because water and compressed air extinguishers are used with the BullEx system, it gives the trainee the feeling of using a real extinguisher but has none of the associated clean up and refill costs. Trainees are now more competent with greater knowledge of fire extinguisher use and thus a stronger ability to actually use an extinguisher in an emergency setting.

Using the BullEx system for extinguisher training has had many benefits. Aside from the initial purchase, there is barely any continued maintenance and training cost. Having the system on the premises has enabled us to train new incoming employees, and train more employees, ensuring a safer work environment. Trainees now enjoy training sessions which include the live practice, instead of dreading a boring day of safety lecture. A great component of the BullEx Safety system is “time extinguished” feature that allows the trainer and the employee to compare the time it took to extinguish each burn. A BullEx system would be a great addition to any corporation that stresses about the time, cost, safety, and effectiveness of their fire extinguisher training.