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Train your entire community, including high risk populations, on proper fire extinguisher use with a BullEx Intelligent Training System™ (I.T.S.).  Using a controlled, propane-based fire to recreate an incipient stage fire, the I.T.S. is designed to teach the PASS method in the cleanest, safest way possible.

Designed with a unique flame-response technology that detects the trainee’s aiming and sweeping motion, the system automatically varies the flame in response, providing a realistic training experience. Because the training extinguishers use readily available air and water, instead of costly dry chemical or CO2, multiple trainees can safely train in a single session.

The I.T.S. is a simpler, safer way to provide live fire extinguisher training to everyone in your community.  Offer your community regular and annual fire extinguisher training as part of your department’s public education program.  Safely provide employers with OSHA-required fire extinguisher training at the workplace. I.T.S. is ideal for these training opportunities and more.



Training Made Easy
The I.T.S. comes complete with everything you will need for fire extinguisher training.  A field rechargeable air/water SmartExtinguisher® eliminates extinguisher recharge costs and the need to clean up dry-chemical after a training session.

Effective Training
Extremely low operating costs mean you can train as many individuals as needed and train as often as you like. Select class A, B or C fires at four different difficulty levels to challenge trainees.

Safe Training
The trainer can control the intensity of the flames and utilize the emergency stop switch on the handheld controller at any time. A motion sensor shuts down the flames instantly if the system is bumped or knocked, making BullEx live-fire training systems the safest live-fire simulators available.

Cost Effective
Because there is no longer a need to discharge and recharge costly dry-chemical or CO2 extinguishers, BullEx live-fire extinguisher training systems are often more cost effective.

Uses clean burning propane gas to generate flame output with no cleanup needed of dangerous and hazardous chemical associated with actual extinguishers.

Trackable results
A visual display shows the time of each successful training session, allowing you to track the performance of trainees each year.

Reliable and Durable
The I.T.S. System is constructed with stainless steel components and designed to withstand repeated use.


The Intelligent Training System (I.T.S.) utilizes patented sensor technology to detect how well a trainee uses a SmartExtinguisher® training extinguisher. I.T.S. can sense if the user has aimed at the base of the fire and is properly sweeping the nozzle of the extinguisher.

The four sensors on the I.T.S. unit detect the discharge of compressed air and water from the SmartExtinguisher. The on-board control system then varies the flames in response.

To successfully extinguish the fire, the trainee must aim and sweep the extinguisher across the base of the fire. If the trainee aims below or above the base, the flames will go down, but will not extinguish. If the trainee only aims at one side of the fire, that side will be extinguished while the other side continues to grow.

The SmartExtinguisher discharges compressed air and water which eliminates the need to discharge and recharge costly dry chemical or CO2 extinguishers resulting in a substantial cost savings. Because there is no limit to how many times the training extinguisher can be charged in the field, hundreds of trainees can be trained in a single day.

A trainer’s handheld controller selects the class of fire to demonstrate (A, B, or C) as well as one of four difficulty levels. Once set, the instructor presses and holds the ignition button and then it’s up to the trainee to actually extinguish the flames. The fire goes out when the trainee uses the proper sweeping technique. If the trainee is unsuccessful, the fire can be extinguished by releasing the ignition button.

The flare up button can be used to instantly reignite the flames at any point to further challenge trainees. The display on the controller shows the status of the system and how long the trainee took to put out the fire, or if the fire has even been fully extinguished.


SmartExtinguisher Training Extinguishers
Available in 5x (five discharges) and 7x (seven discharges) sizes with pressure gauge and Schrader recharge value

I.T.S. Transport case
Industrial grade, high impact plastic case can be used to quickly and easily transport ITS to and from various sites.

Extinguisher Carrying Case
Foam-lined industrial grade carrying case for two extinguishers (any combination of 5 and 7x SmartExtinguishers)

Regulator Kit
Recharge a SmartExtinguisher from an SCBA tank (2216 or 4500 PSI) with this premium brass, high pressure regulator assembly which includes brass fittings and a high quality coiled air hose.

Air Compressor
Six gallon air compressor with a maximum of 150 PSI, ships with premium air hose and brass fitting kit.



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BullsEye Digital Fire Extinguisher Training System
HotShot Digital Fire Extinguisher Training System


City of Taylor Department of Fire & EMS Jesse Kriebel, Captain Fire Inspector

I have been a Fire Inspector/Public Fire Safety Educator with the City of Taylor Fire Department for 10 years. I have instructed diverse groups of the public on the safe operation and use of portable fire extinguishers on many occasions during this time. I have tried nearly every way imaginable to safely instruct our citizens in the practice of utilizing a portable fire extinguisher. The BullEx I.T.S. is by far the safest, most efficient, economical and environmentally friendly way to instruct a fire extinguisher training class to any public group.

Captain Brad Smith of the Dearborn Fire Department has worked to allow the Taylor Fire Department to borrow their BullEx Intelligent Training System (I.T.S.) to teach fire extinguisher training on several occasions. Captain Smith clearly values public fire safety education and has proven he puts the safety of citizens first.

I recently used the I.T.S. to instruct a culinary arts class from our local High School. When presented with the request of the Culinary Arts Teacher my immediate challenges were: #1 the safety of the 60 teenage students and #2 the economics of discharging extinguishers 60 times. ABC dry powder extinguishers or CO2 extinguishers would be cost prohibitive with this group. Utilizing flammable liquids in a burn pan is too dangerous and is environmentally unsound. Using water-can extinguishers and ordinary combustibles would lead to a fire hazard on school grounds and a big mess to clean-up after class. Having used the I.T.S. on several occasions prior I liked the safety of the emergency shut-off switch on the hand-held controller and that I could simply refill the SmartExtinguisher on site with water and air pressure – and the best part, no messy clean-up.

The class went extremely well, every student that wanted an opportunity to use a portable fire extinguisher got the chance – a great confidence builder. The hands-on experience combined with classroom instruction and reinforcement materials gave the students a positive experience they can utilize for the rest of their lives. The teacher even invited us back for lunch. I am certain we will be invited back into the High School next year to teach the class again. I will be working with my administration to purchase a BullEx I.T.S. for our Department – quick set-up & pick-up, efficient, can handle large groups economically and most importantly – safe.


Covington Fire Department Brian Bamberger, Battalion Chief

We are very satisfied with the I.T.S. fire extinguisher prop and consider it a major upgrade from what we were using.

The most obvious upgrades are in the areas of cleanliness, versatility and safety. The fact that we no longer use dry chemical extinguishers in our fire extinguisher classes is a big plus for the environment as well as a huge savings for our customers.  The dry chemical extinguishers that we used in the past always left a clean-up problem.  We realize the difficulties many of our businesses are having during this tough economic time and the I.T.S. allows us to deliver quality training at no cost to the customer.  In addition to the clean-up costs, they would be charged a recharge fee for each extinguisher used.

The system also allows for the versatility needed when dealing with people of different abilities.  I.T.S. allows you to appropriately challenge the students on an individual basis by using the Class A, B and C settings as well as the 4 difficulty settings. The system brings a sense of fun to learning with its versatility.  For example, the initial training given to the firefighters went well past the time allotted due to the crews “playing” with the prop and challenging each other at the different levels.

Lastly, the safety upgrade can not be underestimated.  Electronic ignition, propane use and a quality tested commercial product have made our fire extinguishing classes safer not only for our crews but also for the customers.  We no longer have to deal with hot burn barrels, flammable liquids and the other messy hazards that go along with our previous methods for giving fire extinguishing classes. Safety is first in our business and is the aspect that I appreciate most about this product.


Salt Spring Island Fire - Rescue Capt. Dale Lundy

Like many Fire Departments we were looking for a clean and efficient method for Fire Extinguisher Training. In purchasing the Bullex Fire Extinguisher Training System not only did we find an environmentally friendly system we have saved hundreds of dollars in costs associated with training. Thanks BullEx our trainees love your system!

Thanks for your help with SaltSpring Fire/Rescue acquiring this unit.


Prince Edward Island Firefighters Association Miles Boulter, Chief Instructor

We wanted to drop a note to you to tell you how pleased we are with your Intelligent Training System. At our Fire Training School, we had trained Prince Edward Island’s volunteer firefighters, fire cadets, and police cadets attending the Holland College Justice Institute and industry in the proper use of portable fire extinguishers.

Before we obtained your system, we were using in excess of 2,000 pounds of dry chemical powder for our fire extinguishers every year. This was a labor intensive system, in that it took two volunteers a couple of days to clean and refill our extinguishers after a training session. Our training grounds were becoming an environmental concern to us.

With your Intelligent Training System, we have eliminated the environmental concern, and have gone from two days of volunteer requirements for refilling to three hours of the instructor’s time. We had estimated that the savings of dry chemical powder alone would pay for our Intelligent Training System in five years, but the savings actually will pay for this system in less time than that.

The Intelligent Training System has been used in locations other than our Fire School, as it is a completely portable system. Now we take the training to the location of the students, instead of them having to come to our school. Because of this convenience, we are able to do more training, thus having more people properly trained in portable fire extinguisher use, and paying for this system quicker than first anticipated.

We have also been able to use this Intelligent Training System at public displays encouraging fire safety. It is quite impressive to the general public. Thank you for this Intelligent Training System, and we hope you continue with new innovations.


City of Winter Park Fire-Rescue Department Diane Kessluk

I just wanted to send a note to let your company know how pleased we are with our new BullEx Intelligent Training System for fire extinguisher training. We purchased our unit a few months ago and have already trained 300+ students. The comments from the students are very positive regarding the system as a whole and the fact that it is environmentally friendly and yet affords them the opportunity to get hands on training with real fire. Many had never discharged an extinguisher before and loved the opportunity to be able to practice in safe simulated conditions.

We are also pleased with how easy it is to get the extinguishers recharged and ready for the next student. Our setup and break down of the system also flows very smoothly. In addition, the Customer Service Department has been friendly and helpful, and prompt in assisting us with any questions.

Las Vegas Fire Rescue Tim Szymanski, Public Information Officer

One of the many responsibilities of the Las Vegas Department of Fire and Rescue is to provide fire extinguisher training and fire safety classes for businesses in the community. Due to an investment in BullEx® Digital Safety’s HotShot®, as well as the live-fire Intelligent Training System™, the department is now able to offer more comprehensive training to a greater number of people. Before using the BullEx systems, training was messy and time consuming. Often, we would have to exclude live fire extinguisher training from the class program, due to cost, clean up, and lack of space. When live fire training was used, it was done with a wastebasket and burning newspaper. This method allowed us very little control over the burn, which was potentially dangerous to us and the trainees. We could only offer live training to small classes due to the cost of recharging the dry chemical extinguishers and the extensive clean up. We were concerned about the impact on the environment, as the dry chemical discharge travels through the air, often coating nearby bushes and trees. Another dilemma was training people in how to put out different types of fires, as simply extinguishing burning paper is unable to simulate liquid, electrical and combustible material fires. Using BullEx Safety’s systems, we can now always include fire extinguisher training in a class. The ability to provide hands on training paired with the innovative system has greatly increased the number of requests for classes. We have had the system for less than a year, and already trained over 600 people, which is a considerable increase from prior years.

Upon researching extinguisher training products, we discovered BullEx Digital Safety. BullEx offers two training systems, the live-fire Intelligent Training System (I.T.S.) and the digital fire HotShot. Both systems work by giving both the trainer and the trainee control over the fire. The sensors on the front of both systems detect where the trainee is pointing the extinguisher, thus altering the flame accordingly. The instructor can also control when and what type of fire occurs, with simulations of different classes and levels of fires. Both systems can be easily and quickly set up, utilizing water and compressed air extinguishers. The difference between the two systems is that the I.T.S. uses propane based live flames, and the HotShot uses digital flame technology. The advantage of the HotShot is that training can be performed virtually anywhere, in areas as small as a parking space, because there are no live flames. Previously, fire extinguisher training would have to be canceled if there was inclement weather. However, using the HotShot, we can provide training indoors at any place there is drainage, or even outside during windy conditions. In addition, training takes much less time due to decreased set-up and clean-up time. We can also provide training on aircraft, oil and gas facilities and other places open flames are not allowed. Both BullEx systems offer training in class A, B, and C fires at different levels of difficulty, allowing us to provide better and more realistic training for our customers.

The benefits of switching to BullEx Digital Safety’s I.T.S. are undeniable. Aside from the initial purchase, there is barely any continued maintenance cost. Refilling the extinguishers is a breeze, as all you have to do is add regular water and air. In addition, the ability to provide training during all times of the year has greatly increased our productivity and allowed us to take on more clients. By marketing the BullEx system we have attracted new costumers and increased our client base. Set-up and clean-up time has also been reduced, often taking as little as ten minutes each. We can now train as many as 20 people in an hour, and still include a comprehensive fire safety class. Participants in the class pay closer attention because they are more involved in the training. This hands-on instruction makes a lasting impression with greater confidence for the trainee that the knowledge of extinguisher training will carry over to an actual emergency. I would highly recommend a BullEx system to any fire department, training company, or corporation due to the cost, time, and safety benefits it has afforded us and our clients.