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Each of our hazmat fire training props provides a variety of hands-on and repeatable chemical and industrial emergency response training exercises. These props can be fixed or mobile and can simulate liquid and vapor hazardous material leaks as well as hazardous materials fires. Realistic smoke output and sound add realism and urgency to each training evolution.

A popular choice for hazmat training is the mobile hazmat training tanker. Built on a full scale tanker platform, the large-scale prop features multiple damage zones with cracks, punctures and ruptures as well as leaking valves and faulty acid, chlorine and gasoline domes. On-board electrical, compressed air, water and dye injection systems enable this prop to provide a wide range of scenarios in a self-contained package. The centralized pressure control system allows instructors to select between vapor and liquid leaks, and to dynamically adjust the pressure and intensity of the leaks during drills to create new challenges for the trainees. Challenge your trainees to identify the emergency situation and take the appropriate actions.

Hazmat training props can also be outfitted to recreate hazardous material fires. Propane gas fueled fires include flange and valve fires, pressure relief valve fire, spill fire, pipe burst fire.  Firefighters can safely practice approaching the tank while shielded by hose lines to apply cooling hose streams directly to the vessel.



    • 40 ft. Tanker Trailer
    • Gasoline Tank Dome Top Trainer
    • Tank Containment Failure Trainer
    • Tank Dome Side Roll-Over Trainer
    • Bottom Take-off Tanker Valve Trainer
    • Tank Spill Fire Simulator


At BullEx, we can incorporate a range of fire technologies into our structures and centers. In addition to water and vapor based leak response training, hazmat training props often incorporate gas-based fire. Our gas-based props  all feature intelligent controls which make fires repeatable to decrease downtime and increase training time. Expose trainees to realistic situations and multiple evolutions. Every system includes built in safety features to keep your trainees safe and provide ample teaching opportunities.



Gas-based fire technology is an integral element in BullEx training systems and centers. Propane and natural gas fires, along with integrated smoke allow us to accurately simulate nearly any fire behavior, including backdrafts and flashovers.


Our Training Structures and Centers product line includes portable stand-alone fire props and larger mobile trailers, semi-trailers and modified training containers. BullEx has experience in developing HazMat training scenarios for a wide variety of projects, including large scale complexes and facilities. BullEx has become the world leader in the design and development of multidisciplinary fire training campuses and can work with clients every step of the way from concept to planning to construction.




BullEx is the world leader in designing, engineering and building large scale multi-disciplinary training complexes. Past clients that have worked with us to design and build a training complex have often chosen to include one or more HazMat training zones as part of their training ground. Training your firefighters on how to detect and respond to HazMat emergencies is essential in any well-rounded training center.



BullEx Fire Training Props are stand-alone gas-based units that can be positioned virtually anywhere around the training site. Fire Training Props can be transported to multiple locations or built into a fixed installation at your training location. Large-scale training props are the most common way to train firefighters to properly respond to HazMat emergency situations, as they can be designed to resemble any piece of hazardous equipment.