Fire Safety Trailers

Mobilize Your Workplace Education with Interactive, Hands-On Scenarios

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Mobilize your workplace’s safety program with a BullEx Fire Safety Trailer. Train employees to extinguish simulated fires that are intense and true to life, yet completely safe. Instruct employees to respond to industrial emergencies such as gas and chemical leaks and electrical fires. Extend your employees’ training to include common risks at home such as cooking fires. The available severe weather package utilizes sound, strobe effects and alerts to teach employees how to react in an emergency weather situation. Employees of all skill levels will benefit from the lifesaving lessons learned in the realistic settings of our Fire Safety Trailers.


Industrial Emergency Scenario
Train employees how to respond to a fire or hazmat leak in the workplace in the industrial room. In one possible scenario, an electrical box shorts causing sparks to ignite the adjacent parts washer. The parts washer creates a hot, smoky fire which then ignites the nearby trashcan resulting in a full scale industrial emergency.

The industrial scenario can be as simple or complex as you need.  It can include numerous industrial elements that may become hazardous to a worker, such as a leaking gas manifold or chemical drum, overflowing chemical test tubes, or a gas fume hood that has caught fire.


Kitchen Fire Scenario
Designed to resemble a real home or office kitchen, this setting uses heat, smoke, and digital flames to create an intense fire emergency. Challenge trainees to respond correctly in this hands-on emergency response and hazard recognition training scenario.

Choose a combination of stove, oven and cabinet props and instruct trainees to use the proper PASS technique to knock down the flames. The sparking microwave, smoking toaster, and smoking outlet show the hazards of improper use or placement of appliances and how to mitigate a potential hazard. A chemical cabinet display demonstrates how to properly store chemicals and prevent children from accessing dangerous materials. Overhead heaters, dense smoke, digital flames and sound effects combine to recreate the stress of an actual fire.


Severe Weather Package
Life-threatening weather emergencies can occur with little or no notice. The optional Severe Weather Package, an add-on to the Kitchen Fire Scenario, broadcasts realistic severe weather alerts and teaches trainees how to react if faced with an extreme weather event. Weather simulations incorporate actual news broadcasts with surround-sound effects for hurricane, earthquake, flood, and tornado safety education. The BullEx Severe Weather Package teaches critical life-saving steps in a highly realistic training environment.

  • NOAA Weather Radio warns of severe weather
  • Integrated television broadcasts emergency weather news report
  • Digital amplification creates realistic weather sound effects
  • Strobe effects simulate lightning and intermittent power outages

The Severe Weather Package allows for breaks in the action so the instructor can discuss the emergency procedures specific to your location.


Bedroom Scenario
In addition to workplace hazards, the Bedroom Scenario extends your training to include risks at the home. Prepare your employees to conduct E.D.I.T.H. (Exit Drills In The Home) drills at home. Show trainees how to feel a door for heat and block the smoke with a pillow or towel and then evacuate to safety using the window and escape ladder. Additional props include a smoking outlet and air conditioner to simulate electrical fire hazards.  Sound, smoke, fire effects, an interactive 9-1-1 phone and an automatic smoke detector create a realistic emergency scene.


The progression of a kitchen emergency

  1. Oven fire igniteS
  2. Smoke issues from oven & microwavE
  3. Fire spreads to stovetop
  4. Overhead heaters intensify
  5. Trashcan ignites
  6. Smoke detector alarms

Trainees must first call 9-1-1, then knock-down the fire with a laser training extinguisher and turn off the oven and stove to prevent re-ignition. If the trainee doesn’t get the fire out, the heat and smoke force evacuation.


The progression of a bedroom emergency

  1. Door heats up
  2. Smoke appears under door from the kitchen
  3. Air condition sparks
  4. Smoke detector alarms
  5. Escape through EDITH window

Teach the basics of fire safety in a realistic, but safe environment.  Feel the door for fire outside the bedroom, block smoke from entering under the door, call 9-1-1 and if necessary, use the EDITH window to escape the danger.


The progression of an industrial emergency

  1. Electrical panel arcs
  2. Parts washer ignites
  3. Heat and smoke intensify
  4. Trashcan fire ignites
  5. Paint locker catches fire

Trainees must pull the alarm, shut-down the power and use a training extinguisher properly to prevent a fire from spreading throughout the scenario. Hazard Recognition Props include HazMat placards, gas leak prop, lock-out / tag-out station and a smoking outlet.

Wrightstown Township Ted Middleman, Fire Marshal/Emergency Coordinator

Since purchasing the BullEx Fire Safety Trailer, our training has changed completely and absolutely for the better. Prior to obtaining the trailer, our training was outdated. We conducted extinguisher training with real extinguishers. When we visited schools, we showed them a video on fire danger and prevention. We were never able to give school children any hands-on training, other than teaching stop, drop, and roll.

We knew we had to change what we were doing because we thought our fire prevention efforts were getting stale. We looked at lots of different fire prevention training products and trailers, but nothing compared to the level of realism featured in the BullEx Trailer. The hands-on, real-life experience that the kitchen and bedroom emergency scenarios give visitors is what really influenced our decision. Additionally, the severe weather package has turned out to be a huge asset to our program. It has really changed the way we educate the public. The trailer is the biggest attraction wherever we go.

We have found set up and operation of the trailer to be very easy. Our Product Training Specialist delivered the trailer to us and went through exactly how to operate it. He was even available on a Sunday to help us resolve an issue. Our Account Representative was great during our entire purchase experience. He has even attended two of our open houses at the Department where we were offering trailer tours. Our experience with everyone at BullEx has been nothing but positive.

Currently, we take the trailer to schools, health fairs, and senior citizen expos. We’ve been able to tailor our trailer to our audience by replacing the bed with a reclining chair, oxygen tank, and ash tray when we talk to senior citizens. We educate them about the dangers of smoking in the home, especially when oxygen is present. We tell them that if they don’t feel they’re well enough to extinguish the fire, to get out of the house immediately and call 9-1-1. It’s also important for us to educate adults about replacing extinguishers.

The reaction we have gotten from the local schools has been very positive. Previously, when we were showing fire prevention and education videos, some of the children were scared by seeing damaged and destroyed homes in the video. Because of this, some of the parents asked to see the trailer before their children did. Once they see the Fire Safety Trailer, they understand how educational it is. We have even been able to use the trailer to help teach math and science by helping students calculate how much food and water they would need for their family after a storm, as well as how long their batteries, gas and generator would last.

I have worked in the fire service for 25 years, and in that time I have never seen such a realistic and educational tool for fire prevention and public education. It has completely transformed our training. The fact that the people in our community can practice feeling a hot door, planning escape routes, and learning how to extinguish a fire is great. We could not have had a better experience with the Fire Safety Trailer.



Roanoke Fire-EMS Tiffany Bradbury, Fire Prevention Specialist

Roanoke Fire-EMS is committed to the safety of the citizens and visitors to the City of Roanoke. We had a fire safety public education program in place but it was missing something. We did not have the tool to teach people how to exit their homes safely in the event of a fire. In September of 2010 all of that changed when Roanoke Fire-EMS took delivery of the BullEx Fire Safety Trailer.

Our Department did a lot of research before the purchase of a fire safety trailer. BullEx was the winner hands down among their competitors. The customer service we have received from BullEx has been exceptional! When we “debuted” our trailer for our community during Fire Prevention Week, BullEx sent a representative to our event to make sure that everything was running smoothly. Many companies do not exhibit this type of exemplary service any more. I was truly impressed.

The Fire Safety Trailer has proven to be a key component of our public education programs. We visit schools and local events with our traveling safety house! Everyone that visits the trailer is amazed how realistic the fire and smoke simulations are. Adults love the fire extinguisher training in the kitchen and the children are learning so much about what to do if they woke up to their smoke detector sounding. I know that countless lives may be saved because of the use of this trailer.

Our Department has also utilized the severe weather package on the trailer. This is truly an amazing component. With changing weather in Southwest Virginia, we are able to show our community how to stay safe should a tornado or severe storm happen in our community.

We have had several other departments in neighboring communities come by to see our trailer. They too have been very impressed. We are truly grateful to BullEx for all of your assistance with our trailer and for making such a fine, quality product.