Fire Behavior

demonstrate how fire progresses and behaves when confronting dangerous fire emergencies

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Hands-on training is the most effective method of learning when it comes to confronting dangerous fire emergencies. To add a hands-on element to your training, BullEx can create scenarios in training towers, containers, or mobile training units. Show your trainees how fire progresses and behaves, and give them the opportunity to react and attack a fire progression as it happens.

One of our most popular scenarios is flashover training. The BullEx Flashover/Rollover Simulator creates high intensity and rapidly repeatable flashover scenarios. Its multi-stage fire system creates a realistic rolling effect, including “dancing angels”.  BullEx has built flashover rooms using both propane and class A materials.



    • Backdraft simulation and response
    • Stove fire with extension to ceiling/flashover
    • Bedroom fire with extension to ceiling/flashover
    • Sofa fire with extension to ceiling/flashover
    • Real-Wood flashover container system


At BullEx, we can incorporate a range of fire technologies into our structures and centers. Our dual-burner, clean air Smart Class A option is ideal for fire behavior training. Gas-based propane technology can also be utilized to recreate flashover and backdraft conditions.




BullEx Smart Class A fire technology features dual combustion technology with the fire created by both gas and wood. Smart Class A technology was developed to allow firefighters to utilize real burning wood in their fire behavior training scenarios without worrying about the environmental effects.



Gas-based fire technology is an integral element in BullEx training systems and centers. Propane and natural gas fires, along with integrated smoke allow us to accurately simulate nearly any fire behavior, including backdrafts and flashovers.


Our Training Structures and Centers product line includes full-scale fixed training, multi-structure training sites, and modified training containers. Fire behavior training is essential to the success of every firefighter, and training opportunities should be included in every large-scale training complex and fire training facility. However, fire behavior can also be taught using smaller training containers.




BullEx is the world leader in designing, engineering and building large scale multi-disciplinary training complexes. Complexes can be designed to simulate neighborhoods, communities, cities, airports, industrial complexes or any other multi-building center. Fire behavior training can be built into the residential or industrial section of your fire training complex for a true-to-life training experience.



BullEx training facilities include multi-story training towers and a wide range of other buildings that are ideal for all facets of fire behavior training. Train your department in a BullEx Facility under live-fire conditions to better prepare first responders to protect lives and property.



BullEx Training Containers are a great solution for departments with large-scale training needs and limited space. Containers are portable, but offer all of the training capabilities that a fixed space provides. All of our fire behavior training scenarios can easily be built into our training containers, making them a good solution for departments looking to teach fire behavior without a fixed structure.