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BullEx Training Containers and Roll-offs are a great solution for departments with large-scale training needs and limited space. Containers are portable, but offer all of the training capabilities that a fixed space provides.

Investing in a training container doesn’t require the permits, groundwork and other time consuming work that new infrastructure requires. This minimizes the construction time and allows trainees to start training sooner. Unlike larger fixed facilities, containers can be placed in a number of locations, including space behind your fire house.

Intricate training environments can be configured with multiple containers to create rooms and hallways. Containers can be stacked to create multiple levels and offset or joined to further vary the training environments. Incorporate any combination of fire technology and fire training props into your containers to meet your unique training needs.


Choose between 20’ and 40’ containers or any combination of containers to meet your training objectives. BullEx can outfit your container with a wide range of  fire technology, including heat shielding, ventilation, safety systems, and power and fuel systems to transform the structure’s shell into a realistic training center. For multi-story training systems, BullEx stacks and configures containers to reflect the desired design.

BullEx fire technology (Digital Fire, Gas-Based or Smart Class A) can be applied in various manners to meet your unique training needs. Throughout every step of the process, BullEx focuses on the end-user’s training objective and customizes every aspect to meet that need.


BullEx training structures and centers provide hands-on training solutions for any high risk industry. We serve a wide range of industries requiring fire and safety training including airline, military, fire departments, oil and gas organizations, petro-chem companies and training academies. Contact BullEx with your training objective and we’ll work with you every step of the way to custom craft a solution.


AVIATION FIRE TRAINING300x226-rounded-corner-gray-stroke-aviation-swedish-fighter-jet-2

Aircraft fires represent a special challenge in firefighting due to the extreme nature of the potential hazard and the immediate impact on both the passengers and aircrew. BullEx offers a number of fire training simulators to create a series of different emergency scenarios designed to meet aviation fire training objectives.

FIRE BEHAVIOR TRAINING300x226-rounded-corner-gray-stroke-fire-behavior-dortmund-1

Hands-on training is the most effective method of learning when it comes to confronting dangerous fire emergencies. To add a hands-on element to your training, BullEx creates Training Structures and Centers to provide realistic training in a safe environment.

MARINE FIRE TRAINING300x226-rounded-corner-gray-stroke-marine-hatch-container

Marine fires are extremely difficult to handle because of the complexity of a ship’s layout, making it difficult to safely access the seat of the fire. BullEx has experience designing and developing diverse marine fire training systems. BullEx can produce simulated marine environments within a training structure, or produce actual marine vessels modified for fire training scenarios.

SCBA TRAINING300x226-rounded-corner-gray-stroke-scba-1

Hands-on search and rescue training is extremely important for fire-fighters. Help your trainees learn to save people trapped in fires and other dangerous situations without experiencing undue stress or breathing difficulties during a real-life emergency. BullEx can provide your trainees with a challenging yet safe and controlled environment for gaining mask confidence and confined space operations skills.

STRUCTURAL FIRE TRAINING300x226-rounded-corner-gray-stroke-structure-1

BullEx is capable of supplying all the necessary training tools and structures for your structural fire departments. BullEx provides the tools necessary to train both new and advanced firefighters on sizing up structures, initial fire attack, fire behavior, ventilation, water supply, hose stream application, search and rescue, firefighter survival, and FAST.


At BullEx, we can incorporate a range of fire technologies into our structures and centers. Choose from digital, gas-based and our dual-burner, clean air options. Our structures all feature intelligent controls which make fires repeatable to decrease downtime and increase training time. Expose trainees to realistic situations and multiple evolutions. Every system includes built in safety features to keep your trainees safe and provide ample teaching opportunities.


DIGITAL FIRE TECHNOLOGY300x226-rounded-corner-attack-digital-system-hoseline-3

BullEx Digital fire technology provides comprehensive hands-on training using realistic, self-generating digital flames that respond directly to the trainees actions. Digital fire technology is tough enough to be used with anything in your firefighting arsenal, including a hose line. Challenge your trainees to fight digital flames for realistic, intense hands-on training.


Gas-based fire technology is an integral element in BullEx training systems and centers. Gas-based fire is an ideal training mechanism for nearly any industry or specialty. Propane and natural gas fires produce real heat and smoke for a training experience that closely models real life conditions. Gas fires can also be used to accurately simulate nearly any fire behavior.

SMART CLASS A300x226-rounded-corner-smart-class-a-1

BullEx Smart Class A fire technology features dual combustion technology with the fire created by both gas and wood. Smart Class A technology was developed to allow firefighters to utilize real burning wood in their training scenarios without worrying about the environmental effects.