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Conduct important fire safety education training for the entire communityanytime, anywhere. The BullsEye™ Laser-Driven Fire Extinguisher Training System allows you to train safely in any setting. Take your fire prevention program directly to the public – in an office building, on campus or at your own fire department.

The BullsEye eliminates the time consuming cleanup and expense associated with using an actual extinguisher, allowing you to train more people in less time. With the BullsEye Extinguisher Training System, training your community on the importance of fire safety has never been easier.



Clean Training
BullsEye uses a conical laser to replicate extinguisher discharge, rather than depending on a dry-chemical or CO2 extinguisher, making it a cleaner way to train. Our training smoke does not leave a residue.

Effective Training
Simulate class A, B and C fires at ten difficulty levels. The system can sense if the trainee is using the correct extinguisher, aiming and sweeping correctly, and if they are an effective distance from the base of the fire. This ensures trainees are prepared in case of a real fire emergency.

Safe Training
Utilize LED-driven digital flames and a laser training extinguisher to provide a dynamic and realistic simulation for trainees while eliminating the hazards associated with conventional fire extinguisher training. Help businesses in your community meet their OSHA safety training requirements.

Train Anywhere
Because only a laser is emitted from the training extinguisher, extinguisher training can now be conducted virtually anywhere indoors or out – where fires may actually occur.  Hundreds of trainees can be trained in a single day without recharging any extinguishers.

Trackable training
After each successful evolution, the time to extinguishment is displayed on the panel. Training record collection allows instructors to record and monitor a trainee’s progress, as well as easily export training records for sharing and creating certificates of completion.


The BullsEye is a state of the art training tool that uses digital flame generation and patented sensor technology to demonstrate proper fire extinguishment techniques.

The BullsEye system can sense the location of the trainee, if the trainee has properly aimed the extinguisher and if the trainee is properly sweeping the nozzle of the extinguisher. The system can also tell if the trainee has chosen the correct class of extinguisher. The system varies the digital flames in response, only extinguishing the fire if the proper technique is used.

The BullsEye unit uses hundreds of LEDs and an on-board microprocessor to dynamically generate digital flames. Depending on the class of fire and level of difficulty selected by the instructor, the flames will grow, diminish and respond as the trainee attempts to extinguish the simulated fire.

Trainees can fight the digital fire using either a laser-driven infrared extinguisher or a pressurized air and water SmartExtinguisher. The sensors on the BullsEye unit allow the system to interact with the trainee and detect where and how the trainee is using either style of training extinguisher. In each case, the system responds by increasing or decreasing the size of the flames in the area the user is targeting, relative to the trainee’s technique and efforts.

To successfully extinguish the fire, the trainee must sweep the extinguisher across the base of the fire. If the trainee aims just below or just above the base, the flames will diminish, but will not be extinguished. If the trainee aims at only one side of the fire, that side will be extinguished while the other side continues to grow.

For users with a BullEx Smoke Generator, the BullsEye is equipped with wireless technology to communicate with your smoke generator. Instructors can control the smoke settings manually, or set the system to automatic or smoke production tied to the size of the fire and time since ignition.


BullsEye™ Laser Extinguishers
The laser-driven extinguisher simulates the behavior of an extinguisher.  A variety of extinguisher types and sizes are available.

iPad Control
With the optional tablet control, instructors can specify  fire class, difficulty and time limit. Flare up or add smoke to to the evolution. This iPad is equipped with a LifeProof case.

iPad Control & Scenario Customization
In addition to the standard iPad controls, scenario customization allows instructors to create scenarios and save them for future use. Additionally, instructors can customize the effective distance of an extinguisher, which extinguisher(s) can be used to put the fire out, and how much time a trainee has to extinguish the flames.

iPad Control & Roster Management
In addition to the standard iPad controls, roster management allows instructors to keep track of trainees and their performance over time. Track training details and export them to a USB for sharing, record keeping, and printing certificates of completion.

BullsEye Transport Case
Industrial-grade, high-impact plastic transport case to transport BullsEye unit to various training sites

Extinguisher Transport Case
Foam-lined industrial grade carrying case for two extinguishers

Extinguisher Tamper Seals
Lock your extinguisher handles in place for a realistic training experience with these tamper seals (500 per package)

SmartExtinguisher® Training Extinguishers
Available in 5x (five discharges) and 7x (seven discharges) sizes with pressure gauge and Schrader recharge value

NFPA® Fire Extinguishers At Work DVD/VHS
This presentation draws on the requirements in NFPA 10: Portable Fire Extinguishers, the Standard referenced by OSHA in developing its regulations. Covers everything from portable extinguisher basics to advanced strategies for workers in industrial environments. (17 min.)





Smoke Generators

Warren Volunteer Fire Department Mark Wile, Chief

We recently ordered and received the BullsEye Fire Extinguisher training system.  We frequently conduct fire extinguisher training for local business. Previously, this involved locating a pan of some sort to hold a liquid, the business renting fire extinguishers and then locating a safe place to light fires for them to practice with.  Of course the area was a mess when we were done, with dry chemical spread thick across the parking lot or where ever.

Now that we have the BullsEye, it is much easier and cleaner to conduct the training.  We can hold the training inside if needed and there is virtually no mess to clean up.  We don’t have to suit up a firefighter to light the fires and there is little chance of anyone getting hurt.

Before purchasing the BullsEye, we decided that our main focus is fire prevention.  With your system, we are able to take the training to where ever it is needed, regardless of the weather.  There are a lot of people who have never used a fire extinguisher before, and if we can show them how to use an extinguisher properly, this may be the difference between saving a house, saving a foundation, and maybe a life as well. Recently, we demonstrated your system at our annual ice cream social fundraiser and it was hit.

Our job in the fire service should be education and training to prevent and/or control fires and with your system, this is easily achieved.


Norfolk Fire-Rescue Beth Bruner. Life Safety Educator

I just wanted to let you know about the experience our department, Norfolk Fire-Rescue, has had with the BullEx BullsEye.  We were familiar with the great quality of products that BullEx provided due to our previous experience with the Intelligent Training System.  We have been successfully using the Intelligent Training System for several years in our fire extinguisher training classes. Recently, we were awarded a BullEx BullsEye system from a Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation grant.

We are thrilled to use this equipment with our training in the City of Norfolk.  We can now accept training requests year round due to the indoor capability of this system.  Our manpower need is also reduced due to the ease of use, including set up and break down.  One person can effectively teach the class and allow many participants to use the hands on equipment to receive practical training.  The BullsEye System is not intimidating to users and we have trained teenagers as well as seniors with this equipment.  It is also a very effective tool for fire drills to test the readiness of employees.

Finally, I wanted to let you know about the level of customer service we have received from BullEx.  I have needed to call twice in the last three years about technical questions while using the Intelligent Training System.  I have always been able to reach a technician quickly and had the problem resolved over the phone within minutes.  Whether by email or phone, your employees are responsive and thorough in their customer service.  Thank you for the quality products.  We will continue to utilize and depend on these systems for future training.


Kankakee Fire Department Michael D. Casagrande, Captain

Home fires involving cooking equipment continue to be the leading cause of fires in the nation and in our community. In fact nationally it appears they are on the rise. The NFPA recently reported that 2 out of 5 reported home fires involved cooking equipment. You don’t think a lot about the number until someone dies in a home as a result of a cooking fire. One month before receiving our Assistance to Firefighting Grant in Prevention and Safety, a four year old girl died as a result of a cooking fire.

The BullEx BullsEye digital extinguisher training system was identified as a means to educate the public in a scenario based training on the use of fire extinguishers. The Kankakee Fire Department identified our hospitals, assisted living facilities, manufacturing, industry, mercantile, schools, day care, fairs and special events as locations to begin, but anywhere people are and gather is an opportunity to educate. The advantage to this system is its portability. The success of the training is to demonstrate that not every fire can be extinguished, and knowing what to do. We received feedback from our participants, and all agree. “It’s been some of the best training they have received.” Many knew where their extinguishers were but never had an opportunity to use one. The reinforcement to our participants on cooking safety and the importance of an extinguisher in the home will hopefully provide a decline in home fires.

The BullEx BullsEye digital extinguisher training system has proven to be a valuable resource; we continue to look forward to the many educational opportunities it will provide and the lives and property that will be saved from the people who are trained.


Winona Fire Department Jim Multhaup, Assistant Fire Chief

We have recently received our BullsEye Extinguisher Training System and would like to share with you our comments of the equipment.  Everything in our package appears to be very well manufactured and quite simple to use.  In our trial runs, both the laser-driven and compressed-air and water extinguishers functioned perfectly and according to our expectations.  The operation of each also presents a great replication of actual fire extinguishment.

Living in a northern climate, we are always at the mercy of weather conditions for traditional live outside fire training.  With winter months ruled out and rain causing cancellations during other seasons, it can sometimes be difficult to accommodate all training requests.  Having the training systems will provide us with an assured capability of keeping appointments regardless of weather conditions.

Thanks for all your help.


Franklin Township Tim Szymborski, Board Clerk

I wish to take this opportunity to thank you for the professional assistance while purchasing the digital and live-fire extinguisher training systems for our volunteer firefighters.  Your service from the beginning was accurate, prompt and professional.  The systems we purchased were better than advertised.  Through the visit and on-site inspection at our fire stations, your gracious hospitality was remarkable.  Your company has also demonstrated its commitment to its product with a dependable service warranty.  This newly acquired equpment to date has proven its worth on fire prevention month and other fire training classes that our four Volunteer Fire Stations have held.  I would highly recommend your staff and your complete line of training tools to any department or company.

City of Altus Fire Rescue Chief J. R. Wheeler

Chief J.R. Wheeler of the City of Altus Fire / Rescue Department in Altus, Oklahoma wanted to find a way to provide cost-effective fire prevention education programs that could be offered regardless of the weather. As Chief Wheeler explained, “Temperatures climb higher than 100 degrees during the summer and you can bet the wind will be blowing no matter what season we are in. We are usually in some sort of burn ban at least a portion of the year; not the most conducive atmosphere for live-burn outdoor fire extinguisher training.”

Department Secretary Tara Davis said that the department researched a variety of fire extinguisher training simulation equipment vendors while remaining mindful of concerns regarding the availability of funds to purchase the equipment necessary. They determined that they wanted to purchase a BullEx BullsEye Extinguisher Training System. “It offered the most realistic fire extinguisher training scenarios and was more cost-effective,” said Ms. Davis. To facilitate the process, the department submitted a grant application for a Fire Prevention and Safety Grant in 2009.

Altus Fire/Rescue is a professional fire-rescue service in the city of Altus. The department is comprised of 33 first responders at two fire stations. On average, over 700 emergency calls are responded to annually. Although their immediate coverage area falls within city limits and offers protection to 21,000 residents, they also provide automatic mutual aid service to the entire county for any reported structure fire. The department offers approximately 30 annual community projects, one of which is their fire prevention program. Prior to receiving the grant funds and purchasing their BullsEye Laser-Driven Extinguisher Training System, the department relied on visiting schools and businesses with a classroom program, and for those businesses which required annual OSHA hands-on fire extinguisher training, an outdoor training session with a live-fire burn pan and dry chemical and CO2 fire extinguishers. Although the training is provided at no cost to the community, the department could not fund the supplies used during training. “It would cost the city a tremendous amount of money every year to recharge our fire extinguishers used during the training programs,” said Ms. Davis, “and the community programs just don’t have the money either so we had to look at other alternatives for training”.

In an effort to ensure the success of their grant application, the department completed an informal assessment and created a basic pre-test and post-test questionnaire to satisfy the quantitative analysis requirements of their proposed fire prevention training program in the Federal application. They also included information regarding the income levels of the county residents, 32% of which fall below the National Poverty Guidelines, thereby limiting access to fire prevention training programs in fixed locations. Chief Wheeler said, “We worked closely with community programs to obtain statistics regarding areas of concern to identify a focus for portable fire prevention training opportunities.”

Since taking delivery of their BullsEye Digital Extinguisher Training System just two months ago, the department has provided hands-on fire prevention training to more than 50 individuals. They are currently publicizing the program and are scheduling ongoing fire prevention education programs at nursing homes, assisted living facilities, schools and businesses. Tara Davis said, “Initially, I was skeptical that a simulated extinguisher scenario would be realistic enough to provide adequate levels of instruction, but the BullsEye is as close to the real thing as you can get without using live fire.”


Chesterfield Fire and EMS Keith Chambers, Deputy Fire Marshal

It was Christmas, 2008, and Deputy Fire Marshal E. Keith Chambers, as part of a Fire Investigation Unit, was on the scene of a structure fire that destroyed a residence. After reviewing the scene and interviewing the residents, a consistent theme emerged; inappropriate actions on the part of the residents escalated what might have been a small, extinguishable fire into a conflagration. It occurred to Keith Chambers that what was needed to avert similar tragedies was more extensive fire prevention programs brought to more residents. “This was really a very small fire that one person who knew how to use a fire extinguisher could have easily put out, but attempts to extinguish the fire by the wrong means meant an entire home was lost during what is supposed to be a joyous time of year,” said Chambers. “I knew we could do better.”

Chesterfield Fire and EMS in Chesterfield, VA encompasses 21 firehouses, 450 paid firefighters and responds to more than 35,000 calls per year; combined they provide fire protection service to more than 311,000 residents. Located in Central Virginia, Chesterfield County consists of 446 square miles of suburban, urban and rural areas.

Keith Chambers, in addition to being a Fire Marshal, is currently a Captain with Chesterfield Fire Department. In the years prior to the purchase of their two BullsEye™ digital fire extinguisher training systems, the department provided a classroom-style fire prevention presentation to neighboring businesses, organizations and schools. Chambers believed that a hands-on training approach would be more effective in driving the fire prevention education message home. After researching a variety of companies who provide fire extinguisher training systems, Chambers was most impressed with the realism of the BullEx products.

Because the department’s fire prevention training budget was limited, Chambers resolved to submit a Fire Prevention and Safety Grant application in 2009. Utilizing population demographics and fire event statistics to support the need stated in their grant narrative, Chesterfield was awarded the funds to purchase extinguisher training systems. They received their BullsEye extinguisher training systems in July of 2010 and in addition to providing bi-annual fire prevention training sessions at local schools and assisted living facilities, the department is also providing training on -demand to anyone within their protective area who requests it. They have already brought their two BullsEye extinguisher training systems to an annual summer workshop for schoolteachers, at which they gave hands-on fire extinguisher training to more than 300 elementary and high school teachers.

“I think one of the greatest things about using our BullsEye fire extinguisher training systems is that it’s safe for anyone to use because there’s no live fire. And it’s easy to teach the other members of our department how to instruct on the BullsEye. I can train someone to use it properly in five minutes. That means there’s more time to teach the residents of our community,” said Chambers. “ I’ve found that when we are at public events with smaller crowds, once someone has gone through one training evolution, they come back and want to try it again, only this time they want us to make it more difficult for them.” As Chambers explained, an increase in the comfort level of someone who may have to use a fire extinguisher someday means a safer community overall. The BullsEye training system has become so popular in the community that the department was booked solid for the entirety of Fire Prevention Week.


Complete your fire prevention training with the R.A.C.E. Station. Incorporate all the elements of fire response into your training evolutions to prepare your trainees for the real thing.

The R.A.C.E. Station includes a pull station, strobe light, smoke detector, annunciator, and an interactive 9-1-1 phone that allow your community to practice responding to an emergency from the moment they notice a fire. Teach the R.A.C.E. method (Rescue, Alert, Confine, Extinguish) to ensure that your trainees prepared to make good decisions in an emergency.

In a quickly growing incipient stage fire, every second counts. When faced with the sensory overload of a fire, the blazing flames, thick smoke, and heat can impair a person’s ability to think quickly and rationally. To properly respond to a fire, a person must be able to make a series of decisions in only seconds – Can I confine the fire? Are there other people in the area that need to be rescued? Can I extinguish the fire? Where is the extinguisher? How do I alert others in the building?

The R.A.C.E. Station recreates that stressful environment and allows students to practice and memorize the correct response so that they can make good decisions based on their observations should the real thing occur. Upon discovery of the simulated fire, trainees can put their knowledge of R.A.C.E. to the test by alerting with the 9-1-1 phone and/or pull station before retrieving the extinguisher to put out the flames.

Arm your district with the skills they need to face incipient stage fire emergencies to save lives, property and fire department resources.

To learn more about the R.A.C.E. Station, click here.