simulate realistic scenarios THAT CHALLENGE aircraft crew and firefighters to make strategic and tactical decisions

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Aircraft fires represent a special challenge in firefighting due to the extreme nature of the potential hazard and the immediate impact on both the passengers and aircrew. BullEx offers a range of fire training simulators to create a series of different emergency scenarios.

BullEx has collaborated with our clients on many training scenarios. Among them is a cabin crew training scene that can be staged inside a container or facility. This scenario is designed to simulate the inside of a passenger aircraft, and trains crew members to fight fires that may ignite in the cabin, lavatory, seat, or overhead compartments. The interior of the aircraft can be filled completely with intensely realistic training smoke which further challenges ARFF personnel to make the right strategic and tactical decisions.

BullEx also constructs aircraft props that allow for training of landing gear, wing engine, cockpit, and engine fires. Because aircraft are constructed from particularly lightweight material, fire can rapidly spread and engulf other areas of the plane. BullEx offers the ideal opportunity for aircraft firefighters to practice quickly attacking and containing these fires. Our completed aircraft fire training projects include full size replicas of a Boeing 737 and an F-16 fighter jet.


For your aviation fire trainer, choose between digital technology and gas-based. Both offer realistic, repeatable evolutions for firefighters in a safe and controlled environment. Our projects all feature intelligent controls which make fires repeatable to decrease downtime and increase training time. Every system includes built in safety features to keep your trainees safe and provide ample teaching opportunities.


300x226-rounded-corner-attack-digital-system-hoseline-3DIGITAL FIRE TECHNOLOGY

BullEx Digital fire technology provides comprehensive hands-on training using realistic, self-generating digital flames that respond directly to the trainees’ actions. Digital fire technology is a great way to provide realistic training to cabin crew members. Our digital installations are tough enough to be used with anything in your firefighting arsenal, including a hose line, making it ideal for training firefighters in locations where conducting live burns isn’t permitted or possible.


Gas-based fire technology is an integral element in BullEx projects. Propane and natural gas fires allow you to train with real heat and smoke, accurately simulating aircraft fires.



Organizations with a need for aviation training solutions can utilize a wide range of construction types, from making aircraft fire training a part of a larger training complex to using a mobile fire training prop. BullEx has experience with a wide range of aviation training for both cabin crew members and fire brigades, enabling us to consult with you every step of the way from concept to planning to construction.



BullEx is the world leader in designing, engineering and building large scale multi-disciplinary training complexes.  Many of our Training Complexes include space dedicated to aviation fire training, and most often include a full-sized replica of a commercial or military airplane, complete with multiple fires.


BullEx Training Containers and Roll-offs are a great solution for departments with large-scale training needs and limited space. BullEx has used containers to create a full size replica of an aircraft, using a container to represent the fuselage. Cabin crew training environments are also a good match for construction using containers.

300x226-rounded-corner-gray-stroke-aviation-christchurch-hoseline-1FIRE TRAINING PROPS

BullEx Fire Training Props are stand-alone units that can be positioned virtually anywhere around the training site. Fire Training Props can be transported to multiple locations or built into a fixed installation at your training location. BullEx has helped many organizations meet their aviation training needs by constructing Aircraft Wing Fire Training Props. Work with our team to customize a prop that meets your organization’s specific training needs.