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Turn any location into a burn room with BullEx’s Attack Digital Fire Training System. This new technology allows firefighters to train in countless locations and situations to diversify your training and ensure your trainees are prepared to handle any real fire situation. Create a seat of fire where live-fire isn’t an option, and create realistic fire conditions where the presence of fire is an important element, but fire suppression isn’t the primary objective. The Attack includes everything you’ll need for digital fire training. The waterproof panel uses five thermal sensors along with self-generating digital flames and sound effects to provide an interactive training experience. The system’s available smoke generation produces a smoky environment relative to the size of the fire. The system is tough enough to handle any hose line in your training arsenal. It enables instructors to run repeatable and variable evolutions with push-button start and stop. With the Attack your training is done when each firefighter has learned the skill, not when the fire is out of fuel. Fire Engineering’s Chief Bobby Halton and retired FDNY Captain Mike Dugan have each trained with the Attack. To hear about their experience, watch the video here. Discussion of the Attack begins at 21:30. 490x1-red-rule


Train Anywhere The Attack allows you to train in any location, even those areas where live fire is not possible. This can include a burn tower, acquired structure, or even your engine bay. Diversify Your Training The Attack allows you to place the seat of the fire in a new location each day you train, and even after every evolution. This continually challenges trainees and helps them be better prepared for live burn training and real fire situations. Realistic Training The Attack simulates accurate fire growth and behavior. Thermal sensors detect where water from a hose line hits the panel and varies the flames in response. Dynamic smoke generation is tied to the size of the fire and time since ignition. Recreate fire extension with the use of multiple panels. Easy to Set Up and Break Down The Attack can be set up in about 5 minutes, giving you more time to train. Break down is just as quick.


Set-up The portable panel includes a weighted base with a refillable tank that holds 400 lbs of water to keep the panel stable and upright during your most intense training scenarios. The tank collapses for easy storage and transportation. The panel is outfitted with a carrying strap for portability or can be wall-mounted in your facility. Realistic Fire Growth Fire growth and Smoke Conditions are based on fire research data provided by nationally recognized labs. Smoke output is tied to the size of the fire and the time since ignition. Once the fire is started it will grow and extend to additional panels while producing realistic volumes of smoke. The system can also be controlled manually throughout the evolution with the Industrial Remote. Hose Line Detection The system includes a waterproof panel that features thermal sensors. These sensors detect the application of water or other extinguishing agents and vary the digital flames in response. The system also features sound effects and available smoke generation that react dynamically to the trainee’s actions for a true-to-life experience. Steam Conversion Technology™ recreates the low visibility conditions present when water is first applied to an actual fire. Remote Control The set-up remote controls the class and difficulty of the fire. Smoke production, flame flare up, and volume settings can also be controlled manually if desired. The remote provides an easy way to start and stop evolutions.  The waterproof Industrial Remote is designed for use with gloved hands and can be clipped to turnout gear or clothing for easy access. Fire Extension Your training can consist of one or multiple Attack panels that connect wirelessly  to create fire extension scenarios. Create a larger seat of fire as well as scenarios where fire has extended into adjacent rooms or to the floor above. Wireless connectivity means you can create scenarios such as balloon-frame building fires where basement fires extend into the attic.  Customize the fire conditions to meet your specific objectives to your choosing. Integrated Smoke Generation The Attack is available with a BullEx SG4000 Smoke Generator capable of producing over 4,000 cubic feet of smoke per minute. The SG4000 is housed in a water and shock resistant case which also houses a GFCI power supply and a repeater station to extend the range of add-on panels and the Industrial Remote. Portability The system can be set up or packed-up in less than five minutes and can be easily transported or shipped to multiple training locations. 490x1-red-rule


The Attack Digital Fire Training System can be used in hands-on training when fire suppression is the objective, and also to add realism in fire training situations where fire suppression is not the main objective.

  • Create basic or intense fire scenarios with extension where live fire isn’t possible.
  • Use the ATTACK to train on fundamentals so you can make the most of live-fire burns.
  • Introduce new firefighters to fire and smoke conditions in a safe environment.
  • Change the location and characteristics of the fire between evolutions and prevent training from becoming too predictable.
  • Simulate fire conditions where getting water on the fire isn’t the primary objective but the size and location of the fire is still an important element.
  • Add more realism to drills such as Vent Enter Search, RIT Operations, Search and Rescue. Challenge trainees to maintain situational awareness, identify the location of the fire and if not extinguish, confine the fire while other critical operations take place.


Industrial Remote This waterproof remote allows the instructor to be present during the evolution without worrying about damaging the controls. Wall Mounting Brackets Affix the Attack panel to any wall in your training facility. Smoke Generator Case Protect the smoke generator from water while training. Transport Case for ATTACK Digital Panel Store the panel in a this case for safe and easy transport. Transport Bag for Weighted Base Keep the weighted base in this bag when not in use. 490x1-red-rule


Smoke Generator 4000 Rescue Manikin

Albemarle County Fire Rescue Andrew Knick, Training Division Captain

We are a small combination department, and like many other municipal agencies across the country, we are tasked with doing more with less.

We purchased and implemented use of the Bullex Attack system to provide quality realistic training opportunities for our career and volunteer partners without many of the logistical limitations that NFPA 1403 compliant IDLH training poses.

We purchased two Attack panels along with a Smoke Generator 4000. With these tools we can set up and facilitate scenarios for multi-room fire attacks and run the entire system with a single instructor.

The Attack panels, in combination with the smoke generator, provide a great fire glow and fire sounds. Often when the smoke generator is cranked up, the fire sounds are the only way to get general locations of the fire until you are close enough to see the glow of the fire panels.

The system is highly portable and simple to set up at our fixed training facility as well as acquired structures. We have recently had a few acquired structures become available that were not appropriate for live fire evolutions. With the Attack we were still able to simulate fire conditions in the structure for beneficial training in unfamiliar structures.

We are particularly fond of the SG4000, which gets a lot of use. It has been used to reduce and eliminate visibility for everything from Search evolutions to Rapid Intervention Team training. With an output of nearly 4000 cubic feet per minute of simulated smoke, it can charge a large 3000+ square foot acquired structure with enough smoke to create zero visibility in about 15 minutes.

We are very pleased with the functionality and utility of this Attack system and are constantly looking for new ways to enhance our training opportunities with these components!


Jefferson City Fire Department Jim Baldwin, Training Officer

Last year our department applied for and received an AFG grant for training props and resources. One of the items that we decided to purchase was the Bullex Attack Digital Firefighter Training System. We purchased a second digital panel to further enhance our training opportunities. Recently we conducted a NFPA 1403 Live Burn Class and decided to incorporate the Attack system into our evolutions before going “live”. The Attack system was a huge success and all five departments that were involved with the training were amazed at the realism and functionality of the prop. Being able to stop firefighters in the middle of an attack, during “teachable moments”, and provide tips and feedback was an invaluable resource. The realistic views from the simulator and the smoke can only be believed when seen firsthand. I encourage any department to consider this prop as a necessity in your training arsenal.


Rocky Hill Fire Department Deputy Chief Mark Gentile

Training is one of the most important aspects of the Fire Service today. Fires don’t occur as often, so training evolutions must match real life as best as possible to ensure each and every firefighter is ready when the call comes in. The Rocky Hill Fire Department runs multiple training programs each month at our training center and in acquired structures around town. While live-fire training is still the preferred method of training, limited resources force us to find alternatives. With the BullEx Attack Digital Fire Training System we can provide the next best thing. Firefighters are hands on people. They need realistic scenarios to keep their interest peaked. The BullEx Attack Digital Fire Training System provides our training staff with the ability to keep up with the ever changing dynamics of firefighting and enables them to provide a more realistic training platform. We have developed numerous training evolutions around the BullEx Attack. In addition to the Attack’s realistic flames, the system’s realistic audio and smoke generation further enhance the realism of the training experience. An added benefit of the system is its ability to add multiple units allowing evolution expansion. By using multiple panels we can create scenarios where the crews are challenged by realistic occurrences such as fire extension. We have included the BullEx training system in our fire prevention outreach programs. It’s a huge success in the nursing homes, schools, and offices that our Fire Prevention personnel visit. If you want a constructive training program that will inspire your members and department, the BullEx Attack Digital Fire Training System is a necessity. 1020x1-red-rule

North Dakota Firefighter's Association Robert B. Knuth, Training Director

The North Dakota Firefighter’s Association recently received our BullEx ATTACK Digital Training System. This has allowed us to provide realistic, hands-on training to our member departments who previously only saw live fire during actual responses. 96% of the firefighters in North Dakota are volunteers with limited resources for training. BullEx has developed this tool that allows us to provide training in a realistic, safe, and controlled environment.

Hosting departments only have to provide a facility to hold the training. The panel can be positioned anywhere within a building to create great interior firefighting scenarios. Beginning firefighters can experience the feel of making an interior attack and experienced firefighters can refresh their skills without the risk inherent with Live Fire Trainings. Classes such as Vent, Enter, Search, and Hose Advancement have also benefited from this equipment.

The North Dakota Firefighter’s Association highly recommends the BullEx ATTACK Digital Training System to anyone looking for a self-contained, easy to use and dependable product for realistic fire training.1020x1-red-rule

Berne Fire District

The Attack Digital Fire Training System and our Digital Nozzle and Weighted Hose Line were used in a multi-agency drill at the Berne-Knox-Westerlo Junior-Senior High School in Berne, NY. The chiefs used the Smoke Generator 6000 to smoke up the school’s auditorium and challenged firefighters to battle the blaze. In years past, the fire departments were only able to use the Smoke Generator in their training evolution, as flowing water and conducting live-burns are not permitted inside the school. The Attack and the Digital Nozzle and Weighted Hose Line allowed the firefighters to organize a much more realistic drill that focused on hose line advancement and initial fire attack. The firefighters remarked that they couldn’t tell that the fire wasn’t real behind the thick, dense smoke. Watch the video below to see why.


Scottsburg Fire & Rescue Lieutenant Eric Jones

The Scottsburg Fire Department recently purchased the BullEx Attack Digital Training System. We have trained with the Attack several times and we are very impressed with both the technology and the training opportunities it provides. BullEx has nailed it with this product. It offers so many features that will provide many opportunities for not only our firefighter training, but also our fire prevention program. The Attack allows us to triple the amount of scenarios and evolutions we can complete during training. It is also quick and easy to setup and clean up. The Attack Digital Training System is a great tool for interior fire training, as the atmosphere can be completely controlled with the remote. New firefighters have the ability to train in a safe environment and more experienced firefighters can refresh their skills using Attack. The Attack system has several features and settings such as fire classes, difficulty levels, and sound. The Attack Digital Training System with the laser extinguisher accessory also allows for convenient fire prevention demonstrations. The panel is easily transported, easily setup, safe for all and requires no messy clean up. On behalf of the Scottsburg Fire Department, I’d like to say that we are very impressed with BullEx Attack Digital Training System and are excited about the opportunities and benefits it will provide to Firefighter Training and Fire Prevention Divisions.  The product, service, and people at BullEx have made this purchase a great experience.


300x226-rounded-corner-attack-digital-system-linked-panelsIn 2011 leading hands-on training instructors approached BullEx with two problems to solve. They were in search of a device that would allow them to train in their many acquired structures and old burn buildings across the city of Indianapolis where live-fire wasn’t an option. They also needed a good way to create realistic but non-hazardous fire conditions for drills where the presence of fire is an important element, but fire suppression isn’t the primary objective. BullEx developed the Attack to meet these needs. These instructors provided hands-on training to hundreds of firefighters each year. They needed a way to make sure each trainee was able to complete the evolution, which was difficult when using class A materials. 300x226-rounded-corner-attack-digital-system The Attack has been tested for the past two years at leading conferences around the country. During these evolutions, BullEx gathered feedback from the trainees and instructors to make the product as effective and user-friendly as possible. Additionally, the Attack’s fire growth and smoke conditions are based on fire research data provided by nationally recognized labs. The result of our years of development and collaboration is the Attack Digital Fire Training System that is available today.


300x226-rounded-corner-digital-nozzle-2 Expand your training opportunities to new levels by using the Attack in conjunction with The Digital Nozzle and Weighted Hose Line.

The Digital Nozzle and Weighted Hose Line allows you to conduct training evolutions where flowing water isn’t possible. Conduct training in acquired structures, high-risk buildings, and anywhere else you’d like to simulate a fire  attack without compromising the building.

BullEx Digital Nozzles are made using actual fire hose nozzles. The nozzles are equipped with infrared lasers, which interact with the Attack’s self generating digital flames. When in laser mode, the Attack’s fire will only be knocked down if the trainee uses proper hose line technique.


300x226-rounded-corner-digital-nozzle-5TRAINING OPPORTUNITIES

  • Train in hospitals, schools, nursing homes, large manufacturing sites, or any other place where flowing water isn’t permitted. Bring your firefighters to the very places they are tasked with protecting.
  • Spend more time training and less time setting up, stretching and repacking hose.
  • Conduct hands-on training in acquired structures without the prep time that live burns require and without damaging the structure.
  • Train on hose line advancement without taking an engine out of service.
  • Prepare your firefighters for a wide range of emergency situations by exposing them to an infinite number of training sites. Challenge veteran firefighters who have your training tower memorized.
  • Focus on fundamentals by teaching new trainees the fundamentals of hand line advancement technique before moving on to flowing water and live flames.