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Aircraft Fire and Rescue Response Training Has Never Been More Realistic

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The BullEx Aircraft Wing Fire Training Prop is designed for realistic emergency aircraft fire and rescue response (ARFF) training at an airport or other training facility. Based on a Boeing 737 or Airbus A320 wing configuration, the Aircraft Wing Fire Training Prop provides multiple scenarios to teach ARFF responders the proper approach and attack techniques.

This custom prop features an aircraft engine, landing gear, wing and fuel spill, and provides eight fire scenarios along with realistic smoke and emergency sound effects. With 150 million BTUs, the aircraft prop offers intense training in a portable structure that can be easily moved to fit your training objective and location.

Training instructors have full command to create a broad range of training scenarios that are realistic. Continually challenge trainees to react according to the scenario that unfolds, such as:

  • How to assess, approach and attack each scenario
  • How to protect the wing that is filled with volatile explosive jet fuel
  • How to attack a tire fire before it extends to the fuel line
  • How to extinguish the source of an engine fire from various positions



Wheel and Landing Gear Fires
The landing gear and wheel assembly is one of the most volatile pieces of the wing assembly. It is particularly vulnerable to fires due to overheated brakes and tires as well as stress related to landing and take-offs. This prop includes mock wheels and landing gear assembly, which feature an overheated brake and integrated brake fire, burning between the wheels, and burning or ruptured tires. The wheel fire provides three flame intensity settings, including extension up to the wing through the hydraulic line.

Engine Fire
The engine is designed to replicate a full-scale aircraft engine and features mock cowling and damaged turbine blades. An integrated, but removable, pilot module produces an internal engine compartment fire with two intensity levels and an erupting engine fuel fire, allowing for multiple training opportunities. Electrical fires include a basic Class A wire insulation shortage fire and a fire around the cowling. A fire ball scenario can also add an additional element of intensity to training evolutions.

Fuel Spill Fire Training Prop
The Fuel Spill Fire Training Prop can be placed near the landing gear of the Aircraft Wing Prop to demonstrate an extension of a wheel fire to a fuel spill fire, adding an additional level of complexity to the response scenario. The Fuel Spill Fire Training Prop can also be used separately from the Wing Prop, as a distinct hose line fire training prop to demonstrate fuel spills and other ground-level fire emergencies.

Fire Progression and Intensity Control
The prop’s various fires can be operated individually or in combination to demonstrate a fire’s potential progression through an aircraft wing assembly. The fire can be made to increase and decrease in intensity, creating various scenarios requiring different fire responses – from a firefighter hose line approach to fully-involved crash truck attack. An incipient stage fire can grow slowly into a larger fire or erupt quickly to create a completely different emergency response scenario.


The Aircraft Wing Fire Training Prop is powered by the same force behind all of BullEx’s portable fire training props, the Pilot Module. The stainless steel Pilot Module acts as the brain of the system and connects to the Control Console, which allows the instructor to safely stop and start evolutions. The Pilot Module also houses the forced air pilot system, which guarantees reliable ignition, even under the most demanding circumstances.

Multiple fire props can be used with the burner tray and pilot module allowing you to cost-effectively add additional props to your training arsenal. Additional props include a Helicopter Prop, Large Volume Pressure Vessel Prop, Vehicle Prop and any Custom Built Props your training requires.

Another component of the Advanced Fire Training Props is the Burn Tray. The Burn Tray, which allows for multiple burn zones and more intense flames, can be connected to the Pilot Module to expand training capabilities. Its water bath design ensures even fuel distribution and protects burners from intense heat. Use the Burn Tray to demonstrate a fuel spill, or add larger props such as the Vehicle, Pipe and Valve Assembly (Christmas Tree) and Electric Motor Fire Training Props.

BullEx’s Aircraft Wing Training Prop, along with the entire line of fire training props, is made of the most robust and rugged materials and is designed to stand up the most rigorous training demands. Props are easily interchanged for versatile and diverse training opportunities. Additional props can be added to your collection at any time, allowing instructors to easily refresh their training capabilities.

Shasta College Duane Fry, Chief

We have found our Vehicle Fire Training Prop to be extremely useful and versatile in training our students as part of the California Certified Firefighter 1 program. Our fireground is also a resource for regional and volunteer fire departments. We have many new and veteran firefighters that come and use the vehicle to train, and they all rave about how excellent it is.

Prior to our purchase of the BullEx Vehicle Fire Training Prop, we would burn an old car. It was an unsatisfactory solution for many reasons. We were only able to get a good, realistic burn environment for one or two trainees before all the combustible material had burned. We would put additional material inside the car, but it didn’t take long before the car was unrecognizable and unable to be used. Not only was it not a good training solution, but it also created lots of environmentally harmful chemical run off and noxious black smoke.

Now that we have the Vehicle Fire Training Prop, we are able to create realistic burns for all our trainees without worrying about toxic chemicals or hurting the environment. We use the vehicle 3 to 4 times a month, and usage is increasing as fire departments talk about their favorable experience training with our vehicle and more interest is generated.

Another great aspect of the vehicle prop is how easy it is to store and move. We are in the process of building a garage to house the vehicle and to train students on how to put out fires that occur inside the garage.

Another very realistic element of the vehicle prop is the sound effects. It’s amazing how true-to-life they are.

Our experience working with BullEx has been outstanding. We like our vehicle so much and it has been so durable that we hope to add to our training products soon.