Weyburn Fire Department to Benefit from BullEx Fire Safety Trailer

Thanks to a generous donation from Cenovus Energy, the Weyburn Fire Department recently welcomed a BullEx Fire Safety Trailer into their training arsenal.

Training the public on what to do in an emergency event is especially important to the Weyburn Fire Department, as fire incidents have increased in their area as the population grows. The Weyburn Fire Brigade will utilize their BullEx Fire Safety Trailer to educate school children and the public about fire and extreme weather safety, as well as how to prevent fires and avoid other home hazards, such as sparking electronics and exposure to household chemicals.

Weyburn’s Fire Safety Trailer includes kitchen and bedroom emergency scenarios, as well as a severe weather simulator and a pre-training briefing room. The kitchen emergency training room includes a fully interactive stove with oven and StoveTop fire scenarios, as well as a TrashCan SmartProp, smoking toaster, smoking outlet, chemical cabinet, sparking microwave, and 911 phone.

The bedroom is outfitted with a heated and smoking door, smoking outlet, and a sliding window with an exterior mounted escape ladder for E.D.I.T.H. drills. The interactive industrial briefing room includes a sparking electrical panel with cutoff switch, alarm pull station, and a lock-out tag-out station. The severe weather package uses lights and sound effects to simulate severe weather scenarios including a hurricane, tornado, earthquake, and flood.

The training trailer will make its public debut at the Saskatchewan Oil Show. After that, the trailer will make its rounds to Weyburn schools.