Recent Notable Deliveries

BullEx is proud to spotlight some recent deliveries around the Western region. Here are a couple of our recent customers and their feedback on our training tools:


LA City FD Takes Delivery of 6th BullsEye

Los Angeles City Fire Department CERT Division recently took delivery of their sixth BullsEye Laser-Driven Extinguisher Training System. This has allowed them to increase the number of people being trained each month and provide fire prevention and education services to the city. Unit commander Keith Scott says of the BullsEye:

“We receive on average, 10-15 requests per month for extinguisher training from companies and organizations. We’ve taught groups as little as 3-4 employees, up to over 100. We’ve taught classes inside offices, conference rooms, parking structures, and other places that are inaccessible using a fire-pan and real dry chemical extinguishers. The BullsEye is easy to set up and use. We’ve been able to teach individuals that would not normally be exposed to training of this caliber, using only one instructor instead of the required two for live fire training.

I’ve also noticed that the new version of the BullsEye Extinguishing System has many great improvements. It is lighter in weight, has multiple sizes of extinguishers, and plugs directly into the wall.”


Barrick Gold Trains with BullsEye iPad Technology

Barrick Gold Corporation recently took delivery of a BullsEye Laser Driven Extinguisher Training System with iPad control, trainee record keeping and scenario customization software. They previously purchased one of our Smoke Generator 6000 units and have expanded their training to include hands on portable extinguisher training.

Process Trainer/Developer Dave Johnson told us about how he has incorporated his BullsEye into his already established classroom program:

“The hands-on training in conjunction with classroom training works well. We talk about fire extinguishers, how to hold them, how to attack the fire, then have hands-on so the trainees will get the actual feel of handling a fire extinguisher.” Dave also discussed what he likes best about the system, saying “The ability to use the system indoors in inclement weather is great. I also like that the safety factor is above that in the live fire scenario, and there’s less clean up.”

Dave estimates he has trained around 360 people so far in the month since he received his BullsEye. He also projects an estimated 360 more for the upcoming month.
“In our training, we have a short class room discussion on when to fight a fire with an extinguisher and when not to. We also teach how to approach the fire, how to hold the extinguisher, how to retreat if needed, etc. We explain how this is the same for home and at work. Then we have them use the extinguisher to put out the BullsEye fire. We discuss what happened and why, then they go to our smoke trailer. Afterwards, we discuss the whole training scenario, including how it will pertain to work, home and traveling.”