Madisonville Fire Department Welcomes BullEx Fire Safety Trailer

Members of the Madisonville Fire Department, located in Madisonville, Kentucky, recently took delivery of their BullEx 29’ Fire Safety Trailer. The department’s new mobile fire prevention training environment features interactive kitchen and bedroom scenarios as well as a Sprinkler Training Room with an integrated I.T.S. Xtreme live-fire extinguisher training system.

The interactive kitchen emergency training room features a fully interactive stove with oven and stovetop fire training scenarios complete with digital flame, smoke, and sound effects. Fires start and grow dynamically and respond to the actions of the training extinguisher operated by the trainee. Fire may spread from the stove to the TrashCan SmartProp if left unchecked. Other props include a smoking toaster, smoking outlet, chemical cabinet, and 9-1-1 phone.

In the bedroom scenario, smoke issues from the “feel for heat” door allowing for interactive hazard recognition and evacuation lessons. Trainees can safely practice evacuation drills through the E.D.I.T.H sliding window with exterior mounted escape ladder. The trailer is also equipped with the severe weather package, which simulates real time hurricane, tornado, flood, and earthquake situations to teach emergency preparedness. Additionally, Madisonville is expanding their training capabilities with a shakeup receiver for hearing-impaired hazard recognition training.

Also present in Madisonville’s Fire Safety Trailer is an interactive sprinkler training room featuring heat activated sprinklers for proper sprinkler demonstration. The room is equipped with a BullEx I.T.S. Xtreme, which can be used for sprinkler demonstration or removed from the trailer for exterior fire extinguisher training.