Lamar County Boosts Hands-On Fire Safety Training Capabilities

Lamar County, based in Purvis, Mississippi, welcomed the delivery of their BullEx 21’ Smart Fire Safety and Emergency Training Trailer. The County’s new mobile fire prevention training environment features interactive kitchen and bedroom emergency scenarios. The kitchen features a fully interactive burning cook-top  burning cabinet, a rechargeable laser driven fire extinguisher, interactive smoke detector, and an interactive 9-1-1 phone.

Smoke issues from the “feel for heat” bedroom door, allowing for interactive hazard recognition and evacuation lessons. Trainees can safely practice evacuation drills through the E.D.I.T.H sliding window with exterior mounted escape ladder. The simulations demonstrate the escalation of a residential emergency in real time, providing realistic hands-on fire extinguisher and evacuation training. The trailer is also equipped with the extreme weather package, which simulates real time hurricane, tornado, flood, and earthquake situations to teach emergency preparedness.

Lamar County’s 13 fire departments will use the trailer to make fire safety presentations at schools, hospitals, and local businesses. Their mission is to educate all school children 14 and under as well as spread fire safety awareness to the elderly.