The BullsEye Digital Fire Extinguisher Training System

Corporations, Colleges, and Hospitals around the country have been utilizing the BullEx hands on fire extinguisher training systems for years. Mitigating fire risks inside businesses around the country was the original focus of BullEx and of our first products. We remain committed to providing facilities around the country with state of the art equipment to help alleviate the cost, mess, and time consuming nature of hands on fire extinguisher training for our clients.

In the Fall of 2014, we launched an updated version of our extremely successful BullsEye Laser Driven Extinguisher Training System. The BullsEye allows companies and hospitals to provide their employees with hands on extinguisher training as often as they want. In the past, many of our corporate and hospital customers found problems with traditional extinguisher training programs. They found their previous training was time consuming, created scheduling conflicts, and at the end of the day they were left with a parking lot full of dry chemical to clean up.

With the BullsEye, this training can be brought indoors to the very places where fire emergencies may occur. It will save managers time and money in scheduling their employees to be trained on using a fire extinguisher. Plus, the BullsEye allows unlimited students to receive hands-on realistic training which arms them with the knowledge to prevent and respond to fire emergencies inside their facilities.

Testimonial: The Permanente Medical Group
Betty Fisher, Environmental Health and Safety Manager for The Permanente Medical Group Inc. Regional Laboratories located in Berkley, California and Richmond California has added a second BullsEye to their first purchase back in 2014.

When asked about the units, she writes:

“Both units have basically paid for themselves. We have saved an incredible amount by not having to bring in an outside vendor to conduct this type of training, as we had to do in the past.”

BullEx training systems have a one-time cost associated with them. This is typically recouped within the first couple years of training with the BullEx unit.

Betty went on to tell us about how the employees receiving the training felt about the experience:

“Employees like the training and like most people indicated they have a fire extinguisher at home, but did not know how to use it. One employee stopped me on my way to my car a couple of days after she went through the training, and thanked me for the training. She said she went home and showed her husband how to use the extinguisher. Overall, we are pleased with both purchases. I am happy because of the savings, ease of use and portability. Our employees are pleased because they can take this skill training home and become safer in knowing how to use a fire extinguisher.”