BullEx to Support Firehouse Expo Hands-On Training with Training Equipment

BullEx is proud to announce that they will once again be supporting Hands-On Training at Firehouse Expo, which will take place July 22-27 in Baltimore, Maryland. Over the past several years, BullEx has helped make the Hands-On Training Program more realistic with the use of their SmartDummy Rescue Manikins and Smoke Generators.

BullEx equipment will be used at Truck Company Tactics with Mike Dugan, School Bus Extrication with Ron Moore, and Heavy Rescue with Bob Morris.

Mike Ciampo, Lieutenant, FDNY, who served as an instructor in the 2012 sessions, reported that “students love the realistic conditions, and they can’t believe how easy the Smoke Generators are to get in place.” According to Ciampo, the smoke generator is fantastic because it allows students to experience the dense smoke of real life conditions. They also enjoy training with the SmartDummy because they feel more natural and human-life than other manikins. Additionally, the voice-activation capability of the SmartDummy Rescue Manikin allows for the victim to cough or call out for help during evolutions, to make training more realistic.

For more information and to sign up for Hands-On Training Classes that feature BullEx firefighter training tools, visit the Firehouse Expo website.