BullEx to Build Ship Damage Control Simulator for FDNY

BullEx is designing and building a mobile maritime damage control simulator for FDNY Marine Operations to be used in training their marine division.

The training environment is ideal for the marine operations team to train on repairing damage to the ship while aboard. The damage control simulator recreates a variety of shipboard emergency scenarios, including leaking valves, seams, top and side hatch, as well as cracks and holes in the walls and doors. Trainees must successfully repair the damage before the simulator fills with water. Sound effects add to the realism and stress of the scenario. Emergency stop systems will immediately drain the water from the simulator to keep trainees safe. The simulator will fill with water up to 40 inches, and holds more than 2500 gallons of water.

The simulator will be mobile so that FDNY Marine Operations can use it for regional training. The project is expected to be completed in late summer 2016. In addition to the damage control simulator, BullEx provided training props for the four-story, 132 foot-long ship simulator built for the FDNY in 2014.

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