VIDEO: Attack and Digital Nozzle Used In Multi-Agency Drill

The Attack Digital Fire Training System and our Digital Nozzle and Weighted Hose Line were used in a multi-agency drill at the Berne-Knox-Westerlo Junior-Senior High School in Berne, NY.

The chiefs used the Smoke Generator 6000 to smoke up the school’s auditorium and challenged firefighters to battle the blaze.

In years past, the fire departments were only able to use the Smoke Generator in their training evolution, as flowing water and conducting live-burns are not permitted inside the school. The Attack and the Digital Nozzle and Weighted Hose Line allowed the firefighters to organize a much more realistic drill that focused on hose line advancement and initial fire attack.

The firefighters remarked that they couldn’t tell that the fire wasn’t real behind the thick, dense smoke. Watch the video below to see why.