The Attack Digital Firefighter Training System

Fire Departments are consistently seeking new ways to conduct training and keep their firefighters as prepared as possible for the real thing.

Launched in 2013, the Attack Digital Firefighter Training System is rapidly becoming the top choice for Chief and Training Officers around the country. The Attack allows instructors to conduct many different types of drills in places where live fire is not possible. This includes and is not limited to locations around their own fire districts like local schools, colleges, nursing homes, and acquired structures.

Additionally, departments are finding it easier to train in their own towers. The versatility of the training system allows the instructor to easily move the seat of the fire to various floors and rooms to mix up the training evolution. This helps to keep the firefighters engaged in the training instead of expecting the same fire in the same place it has been over years of training.

While the Attack is not a substitute for live fire training, it most certainly is a tool that can be used to give your firefighters more nozzle time, experience, and protect them from unnecessary exposure while still providing them with quality training in many different skill areas. The opportunities to easily incorporate this and enhance many different drills seem endless for instructors that like to stay on the cutting edge of mixing current fire technology with productive training.